How to Increase Sales on Poshmark – Ultimate Guide

With over 60 million users and more than 200 million items for sale at any given time, Poshmark is one of the most lucrative online marketplaces for people looking to sell things. While plenty of Poshmark users — or “poshers” — have managed to make a pretty penny, it isn’t always easy to turn a profit on the site.

If your Poshmark items aren’t selling as fast you would like (or aren’t selling at all), don’t fret! There are two main components to focus if you want to increase sales on Poshmark: your listings and the way you interact with other Poshers. In this guide, we’ll show you how to increase your poshmark sales by optimizing your listings and taking advantage of Poshmark’s unique social marketplace. Our tips to increase poshmark sales will cover:

  • Optimizing images
  • Optimizing descriptions
  • Optimizing listing titles
  • Picking the right price
  • Knowing when/how to lower your price
  • Increasing your engagement
  • Automating Repetitive Work (Sharing Automatically, Listing Automatically)

Optimize Your Images for More Sales on Poshmark

Photos are the most important part of any Poshmark listing. Photos are the first thing a buyer sees and determine whether or not someone will click on your listing or keep scrolling. Think about it: would you buy an item that had blurry, dark, or unclear photos that did not show you exactly what you were purchasing? No, you would not — and neither would anyone else.

Prep your items before listing

This one should go without saying, but make sure your items look presentable before you take photos and list them on Poshmark. Buyers don’t want to buy items that are dirty, wrinkly, or covered in cat hair! Additionally, you will be more likely to receive positive reviews when you deliver items that have been well cared for.

Use a decent camera

Your camera choice can be the key to increase sales on Poshmark. You don’t need to have an expensive camera to take great photos for your Poshmark listings — your phone is just fine! However, not all cameras (phone or otherwise) are created equal. If your camera takes pictures that look like they were taken on a toaster, consider asking a friend if you can borrow their camera or phone for a bit.

Poshmark listing photos should be high-quality enough that buyers can easily distinguish your item’s material, color, and any words or writing on tags. Photos should not be pixelated or blurry.

Improve the lighting condition

Take a look at a photoshoot set of any large fashion brand, you’ll probably notice tons of lights and lighting accessories, such as softboxes and reflectors.

That’s because when it comes to photography, the camera is only half the battle. Even with a great camera, improper lighting can be detrimental to the quality of your Poshmark listing photos.

The overhead lighting in your home is unlikely to cut it, especially if you use warm-toned light bulbs, as these can distort the true color of your items. Well-lit photos can help you increase your sales on poshmark.

The best lighting to use for your Poshmark listing photos is bright, natural light or an artificial lookalike. Here are some things to keep in mind when positioning your items or light sources:

  • Lighting should be bright enough that the item is clearly seen and it’s color is represented, but not too bright that the item looks washed out.
  • The photo is brightly lit and there are no shadows cast upon the item you are selling.

Take as many images as possible

If you’d like to increase sales on poshmark you need to look into the amount of photos you upload. You can upload a maximum of 16 photos to your Poshmark listing — the more the merrier! Take photos of your item from the front, the back, the inside, the bottom, etc.

The more photos you include in your Poshmark listing, buyers will feel confident knowing that you are transparent about the condition of your item. This increases the chances of making a sale!

Note: if the item has any imperfections, such as stains or tears, you should photograph these. Buyers need to know exactly what they are purchasing!

Display your items in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The way you compose the photos used in your Poshmark listing has a strong effect on the way your items are perceived and how well they sell. There are many ways that sellers display their items, such as on a model or mannequin, on a hanger, or even on the floor. No matter your chosen display method, you should ensure that the item for sale is the focal point of the image.

Some sellers use a technique called a “flat lay”, which is an image shot from directly above. Many photographers and bloggers use this technique, often incorporating a multitude of items that relate to the one that is for sale, giving buyers an idea of how an item can be styled or the feelings it can evoke — this is a powerful marketing technique used by many prolific companies.

Additionally, you should display the items in a way that is Poshmark-friendly. All Poshmark listing photos are square. Many sellers forget about this and take their photos in the wrong format, resulting in the photos being cropped in such a way that obscures part of the item. If you are taking the photos on your phone, consider taking them in square mode, that way you can ensure that the entire item is shown in the photo.

Optimize Your Descriptions for More Sales on Poshmark

Your description can be the difference between making a sale on Poshmark and not. The description is where you can discuss anything that was not made immediately clear in the listing’s title or photos. This is also when you can really “sell it” to buyers, explaining what makes your item worth purchasing!

Include Measurements

There is no way for buyers to know the exact size of an item when shopping online, unless, of course, you include its measurements. Measurements are especially important when selling garments, as many clothing brands do not follow a standard when it comes to sizing — what may be a size 8 in one brand may be a size 12 in another! When you include detailed measurements, buyers will be more likely to purchase your item because they know that it will fit them properly.

Discuss Materials

Again, buyers cannot hold the item in their hands. What is your item made of? Is it soft, scratchy? Is it slightly sheer and should be worn with an undershirt? These are things your customers will want to know, and if you do not tell them in your Poshmark listing description, they may feel misled.

Be Incredibly Transparent

Let’s face it, many second-hand items are not always in the best condition. That does not mean that buyers aren’t willing to purchase your product, though! Even if you documented any stains, tears, or damage in your Poshmark listing photos, they should be noted in the description. It is important to disclose any imperfections for two reasons:

  • Buyers need to know exactly what they are purchasing. Being transparent with buyers helps cement you as a reputable Poshmark seller. Happy buyers = happy sellers!
  • You are protected from buyers with ulterior motives. Unfortunately, some Poshmark users have attempted to game the system by scamming sellers out of their hard-earned profits, claiming that the item was not as described and demanding a refund. By disclosing any damage in your item’s photos and description, you will be able to prove that the buyer was informed and you are not at fault. Don’t let yourself become a victim to fraud, profit loss, or a bad reputation — always be truthful about the item’s condition in the Poshmark listing description.

Add in some Style Notes/Tips

In the same way that flat lay photography can create a mood around your item, you can use your Poshmark listing description to set the scene and inspire buyers. This tactic is commonly seen for clothing — sellers may list ideas of different ways to wear the item, here is an example on the site Boohoo. Don’t be afraid to get creative, but don’t overdo it, either.

Optimize Your Listing Titles

We’ll repeat this again: If you want to increase sales on Poshmark you need to understand that the way you present your product is of the utmost importance. You may have the most sought-after items on Poshmark, but without well-constructed, informative listings, you may never be able to sell them.

Titles are how buyers will find your products, so you want them to accurately explain exactly what you are selling while still being concise enough not to go over the limit.

What to include in your Poshmark listing title:

  • Brand/manufacturer or depicted image: Many shoppers turn to second-hand sites like Poshmark in hopes of scoring an item from an expensive or vintage brand without the hefty price tag. This is why you should include your item’s brand at the beginning of your title. “Brand” does not necessarily have to be the manufacturer, for example: vintage items should be marked as first as “vintage” (unless it comes from a popular vintage band, like Gunne Sax); band t-shirts should be listed first as the musical artist; and items depicting a popular character, like Hello Kitty, should be marked as such.
  • Item Type: Are you selling a purse? Jeans? An action figure? No matter what the type of item, be sure to clarify. If the item has a specific name — for example, Fendi “Baguette” — that should be included in the title. If your item does not have a specific name, it can be categorized by its style, such as “crossbody” or “tote”.
  • Color: Though Poshers can filter their searches by color, many only search using keywords. If the purse you’re selling is black, be sure to mention that in the Poshmark listing title.
  • Size: Again, this is something that buyers can filter their search for, but your listing will be more likely to appear in their search when it is specifically mentioned. You may be thinking, “Why do I need to put all of these things in the title? The color/size/style is evident in my photos!”

The answer is simple: keywords. Keywords are the reason you pop up in Poshmark searches at all! Additionally, when you use these keywords as elements in your titles, your listing may appear on search engines, meaning that people who may not even use Poshmark (yet!) can find your listing and purchase the item.

Remember, keep your titles short, sweet, and free from typos or grammatical errors to ensure that your Poshmark listing will appear in as many searches as possible.

Pick the Right Listing Price

When selling on Poshmark, the way that you price your items can determine how many sales you will make. This does not mean you have to price your items outrageously low, but you need to have a strategy. Here are some things to consider when deciding how much your items should cost:

How to price your items on poshmark

To price your items on Poshmark correctly you to consider how much the item typically sells for, your competition’s prices and the fees associated with a sale.

How much does the item typically sell for?

Do some research to see what buyers are paying for the item you are selling, not just how much other sellers have priced them. Remember, your item is only worth what buyers are willing to pay for it, not how much you think it is worth.

Is your item priced competitively?

Compare other seller’s prices to determine if you are pricing your item so that it will sell successfully and make a profit. If you price your item much higher than others like it on the market, it won’t sell quickly (or at all). If you price your item much lower than the others, you may not be properly compensated for its value or your time.

Have you accounted for Poshmark’s cut?

Unfortunately, not all the money you make from a sale goes directly to you. For every sale under $15, Poshmark takes a flat fee of $2.95, and for anything over $15, Poshmark deducts 20% of the profits as commission. These fees should be factored into your prices. Try using our poshmark fee calculator to automate the process for you.

Know When to Lower Your Price on Poshmark

Sometimes your item is just not selling, no matter how much tweaking you do to the listing. Or, the holidays are coming up and you’re wanting to offer potential buyers a reason to buy from you instead of the competition. To increase Poshmark sales in these cases you might want to consider lowering the price of your item. 

But, it’s important to be strategic about this. And that doesn’t just mean knowing much to discount it for. What date you set up the new pricing is also key. For example, did you know most people get paid on Thursdays or Fridays? This means you’ll have better luck discounting on those days than if you do it on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Send Offers

While you can lower the price of your item in general, the most effective way to let buyers know you mean business is by sending them an offer.

Poshmark allows you to send discount offers directly to buyers that have shown interest in your items. For example, if you are selling a dress for $50, you can send an offer to all the people who have “liked” the item, offering at a discount for $45 with free shipping. These offers don’t last forever, though, as they usually expire within a day or so. Enticed by the discounted price and its limited nature, buyers become more motivated to purchase your item.

Similarly, potential customers can send you offers on the items you are selling. Negotiating prices with customers is a great way to sell your items and become a reputable seller, provided that you always conduct yourself politely and professionally.

Increase Your Engagement on Poshmark in order to Make More Sales

Many resellers on other e-commerce websites (eBay, Etsy etc) rely solely on customer searches — on or off-site — to make sales. This can be frustrating because it means that buyers can only find their items if they are deliberately searching for them. Additionally, there is very little customer-seller interaction on these websites, so sellers don’t have much of a chance to establish their personality and professionalism without ratings from buyers.

Luckily, Poshmark is an outlier in the online reselling industry in the sense that it is a “social marketplace”. This means that it operates like a typical e-commerce website, while simultaneously featuring many aspects of a social media site.

This offers Poshers the unique opportunity to increase sales by engaging with their customers and other buyers. By taking advantage of the site’s interactive features and implementing social media marketing tactics, you can increase your Poshmark sales tenfold.

Share Your Listings on Poshmark

You may be used to sharing funny cat videos for your friends on Facebook. This is the same idea behind sharing the items in your “closet” on Poshmark! Because Poshmark is a social marketplace, it is paramount for sellers to be active in the community to remain relevant. Sharing your own items means that your followers will see them in their feed, which can pique their interest and lead to sales. For best results, you shouldn’t just share once a day, try to share more than that.

Additionally, you can share items from other sellers’ closets and they can share yours. By building a partnership with other sellers and sharing one another’s items, you are able to target their followers in addition to your own.

Follow Other Users on Poshmark

Sharing your items is useless if no one sees them! Luckily, gaining followers on Poshmark is easy, as the community is full of people looking to buy and sell millions of items. Follow other sellers with similar closets, share their posts, and watch the followers roll in. You can read our full guide on how to get more poshmark followers here

Here’s some tips to gain more followers:

  • Give all of your buyers a courtesy follow. They will likely follow you back and as a result, are more likely to become repeat customers!
  • Using A Poshmark Automation Tool, following users is a breeze. You can follow buyers and sellers from almost any page on Poshmark, reducing the time you spend hunting through a bunch of pages just to find the follow button.
  • Following (and unfollowing) celebrity accounts when they are first uploaded can have a remarkable effect on your follower count and closet activity. Users who also follow that celebrity will follow your account. When you notice the new follower notifications are slowing, unfollow that celebrity account and follow them again — the follower count will once again rise!

Find Your Target Demographic and Cater to them!

One of the most important aspects of marketing is identifying your target demographic, also known as your audience. Ask yourself:

  •  Who would buy my items/who are they intended for?
  • What is important to these people?
  •  What are my audience’s interests?
  •  What are their habits/schedules?
  • What aesthetics/styles appeal to my target demographic?

When you can answer these questions, you will then understand the best ways to optimize your sales strategy for your intended audience, leading to increased Poshmark sales.

Your target demographic should inform every decision you make as a seller. Here are some ways to cater to your audience:

  • Streamline the items you sell, narrowing them down to a certain style or aesthetic. Think of it this way, if buyers are interested in one of your items, they will likely browse the rest of the items you have for sale. For example, if they are interested in a bohemian-style skirt and you offer multiple similar items, they will be more likely to purchase those items, too, because they are already interested in that style. This means you have the potential to make multiple sales and gain repeat customers because they know you offer things they like. On the other hand, if your store has no defined aesthetic, you may have more customers from different demographics, but fewer sales and only one-time customers.
  • Interact with your target demographic based on their habits and schedules. Every demographic operates differently. For example, if you sell maternity or toddler clothes, your audience will mainly be new mothers. You can gather that they likely wake and go to bed early, so you won’t want to send offers or share items when they are asleep! There are many different ways to cater to your target demographic, but the most important thing is knowing who they are and customizing your approach accordingly.

Join or host Poshmark Parties.

Like sharing items, Poshmark Parties are a fantastic way to reach potential customers who may not have otherwise seen your items. Parties are online, scheduled events hosted by Poshmark ambassadors and they typically revolve around a theme, such as “Vintage Denim Party” or “Sexy Halloween Costumes Party”. These parties raise your visibility and can increase your Poshmark sales. Be sure to join parties that you think would appeal to your target demographic!

Join the Poshmark Ambassador program.

Poshmark Ambassadors are the upper echelon of Poshmark sellers. Becoming an ambassador has numerous benefits: hosting parties; special events and promotions; access to Posh Insider and Posh Affiliate; being a suggested user; and being featured on the “Connect with Posh Ambassadors” list. Needless to say, being an ambassador can net you loads of followers, giving you a serious competitive edge, and increase your Poshmark sales.

Becoming a Poshmark Ambassador is a goal that every seller should set their sights on, but it takes a bit of work to achieve. Here are the requirements to become a Poshmark Ambassador:

  • 5,000 Community Shares (shares from other users)
  • 5,000 Self-Shares (sharing your own items)
  • Share 10 New Poshers
  • Have 50 available listings
  • Make 15 sales
  • Average a 4.5 Purchase Rating
  • Average ship time of 3 days or less
  • Be given 1 love note

Increase Your Engagement off Poshmark in order to Make More Sales

While poshmark is a highly social platform you can also increase your poshmark sales by increasing your engagement off the platform.

Reach out to other sellers

You can reach out to sellers outside of poshmark! Here’s how you can do this:

The first and best way is by using the internet! Participating in online communities of poshmark sellers can help you increase the traffic to your poshmark shop. There are many poshmark communities and we go over a few in our poshmark tips article here. Many of the really great poshmark communities reside on reddit and on facebook.

If you aren’t a fan of online communities then you can maybe have a look at local or international events for poshmark sellers such as PoshFest. Be sure to make sure people know what your closet’s handle is when you meet up!

Create Social Media Accounts

Poshmark may have a lot in common with social media but it isn’t the only social app that exists out there! 

Do not forget that you can get just as much traffic if not more from traditional social media outlets. The best social media platforms for poshers are ones that focus on visuals, these types of platforms allow you to showcase your products. You can use these platforms to increase sales on poshmark by making sure you always add a link or a reference to your poshmark closet when you post.

Consider making an account on these social platforms if you haven’t already:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Automate Repetitive Work On Poshmark

Now, you’ve probably gone through this entire article and realized that this is all a “LOT” of work, right ?

Increasing sales on poshmark involves a lot of manual effort but you can make things a little bit easier on yourself. It’s always good to work smarter not harder, that’s why you automate. You can read more about automating actions on poshmark in our poshmark automation guide. Automation helps you increase sales by allowing you to apply all our suggestions in a fraction of the time!

Here are some things you can automate on poshmark:

Crosslist from poshmark to other Marketplaces

Crosslisting is a way for you to reduce your dependence on any specific platform. Focus is incredibly important when starting something new, but as you grow on one platform so does the risk of getting locked out of your account and losing a potentially significant source income.

You can use free crosslisting tools like the crosslister by SellerAider in order to quickly copy listings from one marketplace to another.

Learn more about crosslisting here.

Outsource your engagement

Remember all that sharing and following we mentioned ?

The good news is that you can save a whole lot of time by outsourcing these “engagement actions” on poshmark. One very popular way to outsource your engagement on poshmark is by hiring someone else to do the work for you (a virtual assistant). Virtual assistants on poshmark are able to share your listings and follow users on your behalf.

Another alternative is to use a “poshmark bot”, poshmark bots are typically paid software that will share your listings for you. Using tools like these are unfortunately against the terms of service of poshmark and there is still a bit of inherent risk there, however if you are willing to take calculated risks and not go overboard they are a cost-effective alternative to virtual assistants.

Take advantage of Poshmark Bulk Listing actions

Poshmark bulk listing actions are a new addition to the platform that allows you to save a lot of time when sharing, editing prices, and making offers. It essentially halves the time you would usually take to perform these actions. Bulk actions are not perfect as they are still a lot slower. Some poshmark bots/sharers allow you to speed up bulk actions even more so that you can have a 100% poshmark approved sharing method, an example is our poshmark automation tool.

Put in the work

Being a Poshmark seller can be confusing and frustrating, especially if you aren’t turning a healthy profit. Luckily, Poshmark is a platform where you get out what you put in — with a bit of extra effort and marketing know-how (and following our guide!) you are sure to see your Poshmark sales increase. Always remember to put in the work! that alone will give you an edge in the world of reselling.