Grow Features

for depop

Follow Users (Mass & Individually)

Now you can follow users right in your chrome browser! You can follow users that a user in following as well as follow their followers. Also follow people who liked products

Refresh Listings

Automatically refresh your listings in one click! not thousands of clicks! Easily get your listings back to the top of search every day and increase your sales !

Whitelist Users from Unfollows

You can whitelist some users to protect them from being unfollowed!

Send Messages

You can send messages from your computer to members easily! You can message people individually or in bulk like all your followers, buyers and all the people who liked any product!

Scheduled Refresh/Auto-Refresh

You can set the extension to automatically refresh your items at an interval that you specify.

Message Latest Likers

The bot lets you to message every person that has liked ANY of your items within a certain time period.

Custom Message Variables & Preset Messages

You can insert certain variables/placeholders into a message and the extension will automatically fill in the data (e.g username, product link, price etc.). You can also create and save preset messages for later use

Relist/Delete Item

Our extension allows you to automatically relist items in your shop. This feature will help get your listing back to the top of search.

Human Mode & Custom Task Speed

By default our extension runs in human mode that adds human like delays between each task. You can also set how fast tasks go (within reason) or use the recommended defaults in the extension.

Custom Refresh Behaviour

The bot has a setting that lets you choose what changes happen when refreshing. You can choose to edit the price or leave as is.

Randomized Liking

Instead of liking all of a users items at once you can like a random amount of item to avoid spamming other users.

Following limit

Avoid following people who are following more than a certain number of people. This helps avoid follow for follow users.

Message Spam Protection

Our extension has very strict message spam protections that helps keep your account in good standing and prevents you from getting reported.

Follow Blacklist

You can blacklist people from ever being followed. You can also automatically blacklist everyone that you follow and everyone that follows you so you don't refollow them when you unfollow.

Save Item Layout

Grow allows you to save the layout of your items. This helps serve as protection in the event of your layout being altered.

Restore Item Layout/Rearrange

You can automatically restore the item layout that you previously saved in order to re-arrange your shop.

Like Products from Search Page

Like products directly from the search page in order to increase engagement on your profile

Like/Unlike Products

Our bot can help you automatically like all posts on a user's store. Just navigate to their profile and like away! You can also unlike all posts you have ever liked.

Unfollow Users

The bot allows you to unfollow people from their profiles BUT we also allow you to mass unfollow people you are following

Fee & Profit Calculator

Grow can help you quickly calculate how much profit you will make. As depop charges a 10% fee on sales, our bot helps make all fees (depop, paypal etc) transparent

User Interface Mode

This mode allows the bot to operate by clicking buttons on the page

Bulk Listing Editor

This feature allows you to edit multiple listings at once

Export/Download Listings

Save your listings to a csv file!

Mobile Usage

Use features from your mobile phone

24/7 Priority Support

Our current average response time is just 8 MINUTES ! All support is priority support

Live Error Monitoring

If an error occurs our bot sends a direct message to our developers and they will begin working on it ASAP.

Send Feedback Automatically to Buyers

You can use grow bot to automatically leave feedback for past buyers.