8 Ways to Increase Etsy Traffic (and Sales!)

Tired of generic advice that never seems to boost your sales?

With over 96.2 million sellers, Etsy is a fantastic platform for independent creators and vintage resellers looking to showcase their talents.

From its built-in marketing tools to its user-friendly interface, Etsy makes it super easy to navigate and have a smooth start as a new seller.

However, all sellers -new or seasoned- know the struggle of boosting Etsy sales all too well!

Use clear product images!‘ We already know this…Anything new?

Not to worry fellow sellers!

You can say goodbye to generic tips like this once and for all.

In this article, we have compiled 8 carefully selected ways to not only boost traffic to your Etsy store, but to turn those clicks into irresistible sales!

  1. Optimize Your Store With the Right Keywords
  2. Update Your Product Listings Regularly
  3. Offer Free Shipping
  4. Take Advantage of Forums
  5. Incorporate User Generated Content Into Your Marketing Strategy
  6. Start a blog
  7. Build an Email Marketing List
  8. Crosslist Across Multiple Marketplaces (Crucial for Business Growth!)

Optimize Your Store With the Right Keywords

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the practice of optimizing product listings and other web content to increase visibility and improve product discoverability.

An effective SEO strategy is a must for any Etsy seller looking to increase traffic to their shop.

Optimization typically occurs by incorporating relevant keywords in your product titles, descriptions, tags, and even your social media posts.

Ultimately, the goal is to rank at the top of the search results and engage with people that are potential customers. 

Search Engines vs Social Media

Integrating keyword optimization into your marketing strategy can draw traffic from both search engines and social media platforms. 

Search engine optimization is all about Google and Etsy.

Popular keywords should be added into your shop and product titles, tags, and descriptions- basically anywhere you can!

Here’s how you can optimize your product listings:

  • Product title

Include the most important keywords at the very beginning of your titles, as search engines only show the first 50-60 characters to your potential shoppers.

It’s also good to remember that most buyers will quickly skim through the search results, thus key terms relevant to their query will be the most effective at catching their attention. 

Without sounding repetitive, briefly describe your item by incorporating popular search terms buyers use when looking for products like yours. 

BAD:  A lovely hat from Karlashandmade collection

GOOD: Vintage Fluffy Orange Bucket Hat

REMEMBER: Relevance is an important ranking factor for the Etsy search engine. 

  • Product description

The perfect item description is both concise and comprehensive. 

The best way to avoid a lengthy paragraph while still offering detailed information about your listing is to focus on the key product features and benefits.

The key product features should include all your product specifications, such as size and production date, whereas the key benefits should explain why someone will find these qualities useful.

i.e. Let’s take a look at the example of a silk pillowcase:

Key Feature: Made of 100% mulberry silk.

Key Benefit: Reduces friction between hair and pillowcase, thus preventing hair breakage and knots.

Not everyone who searches for your product type will be entirely knowledgeable on the benefits they can get out of it.

So, this is a great way to stand out from competitors and prove that you are an expert on the subject. 

Want to know more about creating perfect product descriptions?

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Social SEO is all about optimizing your social media profiles and content to boost visibility and engagement.

While traditional search engine optimization involves directly adding keywords to attract people who are already looking for something to buy, social media isn’t always about making purchases. 

Usually people will scroll through those apps to either entertain themselves or learn something new.

For example, users love to discover smaller businesses and their products through unboxing videos and reviews.

Here are some tips on optimizing your social networks:

  • Optimize your captions and hashtags with valuable keywords.
  • Say your keywords out loud in your videos so they can appear in the auto-generated captions.
  • Add alt-text to your visual content to help your designated social media app understand what your post is about.


As mentioned earlier, social SEO is more than just the technicalities of keyword tweaking. 

To truly boost your sales, opt for making entertaining content that will make social media users engage with your account. 

Not only will this make your Etsy store name more memorable, but it will also help you reach a niche customer base that doesn’t use traditional search engines!

How Can I Find High-Value Keywords?

Now that you understand the different channels you can use for keyword optimization, it is time to learn how to actually carry out keyword research.

There are two ways we recommend:

  1. Do it yourself

Manual keyword research is the best solution for those on a tight budget. 

Begin your search journey by observing what keywords the top sellers in your niche are using in their titles, descriptions, images, tags, and attributes. 

Are there any patterns? Do you see the same keywords being repeated?

If so, chances are these terms are commonly used in the Etsy search bar by potential buyers. 

These sellers are at the top for a reason.

Learning from their Etsy stores can help you get a better understanding of how to attract more shopper clicks.

BONUS: Pinterest is a great place to look for keywords, as it shares a similar demographic to Etsy.

If you didn’t already know, it is a common practice for Etsy buyers to get their product inspiration from Pinterest first!

  1. Keyword research tools

These are designed to help you identify high volume keywords that you can add to your listings, so they don’t get lost in a sea of thousands of other products.

In fact, there are even specific tools for Etsy SEO, which take Etsy’s analytics and algorithm into account. 

Some great tools include eRank, EtsyHunt, and Marmalead.

Update Your Product Listings Regularly

Both new and updated listings get a temporary boost on Etsy search, as the platform tries to determine how popular it is with targeted audiences.

While this boost on its own won’t make much of a difference to your visibility, new and updated high-quality listings have a higher likelihood of showing up on the first page of the Etsy search results.

Why Create New Listings?

If your Etsy store has less than 50 products, it is recommended that you regularly add to your shop- at least once a month!

Frequent posting of new items in a specific niche will encourage the Etsy algorithm to rank you higher, as your shop will now appear more relevant to query search.

Apart from increasing visibility, potential buyers can also see that you are an active seller.

TIP: Frequent shop announcements are another great way to keep your Etsy shop up-to-date.

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Finally, more options gives your customers a reason to keep coming back and repeat purchases. 

It doesn’t always have to be a brand new item.

Why not add more variations of a particular product? 

Different sizes, colors, and materials are all great ways to increase Etsy traffic. 

Why Renew Current Listings?

Every seller has those listings that just don’t seem to convert well.

Rather than just abandoning them and hoping they will fix themselves, why not take matters into your own hands and bring traffic to your Etsy shop with just a few clicks?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are the product images clear, relevant, and keyword optimized?
  • Are the product descriptions concise and comprehensive?
  • Are the product prices too high or too low?
  • Is the FAQs section answering all potential questions?

Until your listings are entirely optimized, you should not give up on them!

More than often, making these improvements is the simplest solution to a better conversion rate.

Offer Free Shipping

FUN FACT: A study found that 76% of consumers ranked free shipping as one of the top most important factors in online shopping.

Etsy has incorporated this consumer preference into its algorithm, as Etsy stores that offer free shipping are always prioritized in the marketplace’s search display and advertisements.

Not only is this an easy way to increase traffic to your shop, but it is the solution to combat abandoned shopping carts– a commonly faced issue!

If you are worried about paying the shipping costs yourself, not to worry! 

Simply adjust your prices to include postage; this way you will give the illusion of free shipping when you are continuing to save on the costs.

Here’s an idea:

Why not offer free shipping when customers spend a minimum amount or buy more than two items? 

The option of free shipping is so enticing to shoppers, that they would even spend more on actual products just to avoid postage costs!

So, take advantage of this consumer preference and boost your sales in no time.

Take Advantage of Forums

Participating in seller spaces or relevant niche forums is a useful way to learn new tips and indirectly bring more traffic to your Etsy store. 

The following forums are popular amongst many successful Etsy sellers:

An in-platform space to seek advice from other Etsy sellers or just converse about your experiences.

The Etsy subreddit is a popular community for both sellers and buyers to exchange insights and tips.

This is a great space run by sellers for sellers to provide a supportive environment.

This is a forum for crafters, especially candle makers, looking to discuss their work and share tips.

  • Facebook Groups

Whether you want to promote your Etsy shop or enter a seller support group, joining a Facebook group is a great move for all Etsy sellers. 

Join the #1 online seller community, get access to exclusive tools, and learn the secrets of top sellers.

Importance of Talking to Other Etsy Sellers

Building community with fellow sellers is an often underrated part of growing an online business.

By maintaining a presence on sellers forums, you can:

  • Foster potential collaborations.
  • Learn about policy changes and industry news that can have an impact on your Etsy store.
  • Give and receive support.
  • Learn valuable seller tips.

Overall, Etsy seller forums can teach you valuable skills that can be applied to your store and potentially boost your growth!

Importance of Talking to Etsy Buyers

While some groups allow sellers to promote their shop, it is more effective to use your expertise to help potential buyers instead. 

Anyone can advertise their shop, but not everyone will dedicate the time to answer shoppers’ queries.

Having a prominent presence as a knowledgeable advisor will make potential buyers interested in who you are and what products you sell, leading to people searching for your store!

Having these meaningful discussions with buyers will help you:

  • Gain insights into customers’ needs and preferences.
  • Understand and foresee market trends.
  • Enhance your reputation as a trustworthy seller.

Incorporate User Generated Content Into Your Marketing Strategy

User generated content, also known as UGC, refers to any type of content produced and shared by customers themselves.

To put it simply, UGC is content made by customers to express their opinion of a seller’s product.


Some common examples include:

  • Testimonials
  • Reviews (texts, images or videos)
  • Unboxing videos
  • Social media posts
  • Product demonstrations
  • Community forum mentions

Although you can do your best to optimize your Etsy shop by having a detailed product description and amazing customer service, it is not enough to get you on that personal level with your customers. 

After all, you are there to promote your business and increase sales.

 You can’t argue there is zero bias there!

UGC is made by customers, making it a much more trustworthy source for potential customers who are on the fence about your product.

Integrating UGC into your strategy comes with several benefits:

  • Enhanced authenticity

Online shopping already lacks the personal touch of physically going into a small store and having a friendly chat with the owner.

To make matters even more difficult, there are thousands of identical products to choose from.

Authentic content made by customers is a highly successful method to stand out from competitors and offer a personalized touch to your Etsy store. 

  • Better SEO

According to Etsy, positive reviews impact a shop’s search ranking.

UGC in the form of testimonials and product reviews is an easy way to make your shop more discoverable and boost sales by tapping into Etsy SEO. 

Not sure how to get UGC in the first place?

Simply ask!

After an order has been received, don’t hold back on asking your customers to leave a review. 

BONUS: Offering incentives for customers to share their experiences with your product can be even more effective to get UGC.

This could be participation in a giveaway, discounts, and exclusive access to deals and promotions.

Start a Blog

If you already have a website for your business, you should seriously consider starting a blog to complement your Etsy store. 

In fact, statistics show that businesses with an active blog can generate 55% more website traffic than those who do not have one. 

And if you are thinking: ‘Do people even read blogs?

You may be surprised to know that 70% of consumers prefer to learn more about a business through their blog rather than their advertisements. 

So, why is consistent blogging such an effective way to increase sales?

  • It showcases your expertise

Establishing authority is key to building trust with your audience. 

Writing blog articles is a creative process that lets you share your knowledge and insights in your niche. 

Customers love shopping from sellers that know their products inside out. 

So, if your goal is to get more Etsy sales, prove to your readers that you are an expert in your field. 

  • It improves your Etsy shop’s SEO

Consistently publishing insightful articles with high-value keywords will let Google know that your site produces relevant content.

Search engines always prioritize content that best meets search intent.

i.e. A guide on how to make soy wax candles should simply discuss how to make soy wax candles. 

Staying on topic and answering the question at hand in a clear and comprehensive manner is key here!

  • It lets you promote your Etsy store for free

Your priority should always be to create content that showcases your knowledge on the niche.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t talk about your Etsy business; just do it skillfully!

Keeping this in mind, starting a blog is a great way to showcase your products on a budget.

From sharing customer stories to  coming up with creative uses for your items, articles allow for flexibility in the way you can talk about your listings. 

Build an Email Marketing List

Email marketing is an often underrated tool for boosting traffic and improving conversion rates. 

With the rise in popularity of social media platforms, it is understandable if you have doubts about the effectiveness of reaching people via email. 

However, trends have shown that email marketing revenue is on the rise, and 87% of brands find this strategy critical to business success. 

Email marketing can be divided into 3 basic steps:

  1. Building an email list

In order to build an effective email list, you need to encourage your customers to sign up to your newsletter. 

You can either directly ask them to do so after a successful sale, or by adding your link in your Etsy listing description, about page, and shop announcements,

Offering incentives such as early access to promotions and exclusive discounts is a great way to entice your buyers. 

  1. Categorizing the email list

Once you have your subscribers, it is time to segment your email list based on engagement level and customer preferences. 

This will allow you to personalize your campaign and increase your chances of repeat sales. 

  1. Sending regular email campaigns

Regular emails will make your Etsy shop memorable and may even compel shoppers to make new purchases. 

Just remember to not over do it. You don’t want to start spamming them!

Your email campaign can be used in several ways:

  • Send a welcome email to show that you value them as a subscriber.
  • Showcase limited-time offers to create a sense of urgency.
  • Share links to your blog articles to drive organic traffic.
  • Offer exclusive coupon codes to your subscribers.
  • Announce the arrival of new products and collections.

Crosslist Across Multiple Marketplaces

Referring to the act of listing your products to multiple sites at once, crosslisting is by far the best way to get more visibility and increase traffic to your business. 

Crosslisting has been shown to increase brand awareness and even improve SEO performance

It all makes sense if you think about it. 

Having a shop on different platforms means that you can use more high-value search terms and keywords that point to your store’s name. 

Want to know why crosslisting is crucial to your success?

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BONUS: Access to a larger audience means that you no longer have to worry about low performance on one platform affecting your sales. 

After all, relying on one marketplace for all your sales isn’t the smartest money move.

Crosslisting can be carried out in 2 ways:

  1. Manual crosslisting

To manually move your items to another platform, you will have to create a new listing from scratch and fill in all the required fields and attributes. 

If you have a lot of listings, this can be an extremely time-consuming process.

  1. Crosslisting software 

Affordable automation software can take care of the entire process for you and automatically transfer all your listings with just a few clicks. 

Crosslister is the most popular choice for Etsy sellers.

It is super easy to use and it offers useful features such as:

  • Bulk crosslisting 
  • Delist functions that remove sold items from all marketplaces to avoid inventory errors
  • Listing optimization for search algorithms

Try Crosslister for FREE here.

Increasing Etsy Traffic Made Easy

Elevating your shop’s visibility and driving more Etsy sales shouldn’t be complicated.

By optimizing your product listings with the right keywords, leveraging different forms of marketing, and sharing your products with audiences from different sites, Etsy sellers can build a solid foundation for more traffic.

Here at SellerAider, our aim is to help you get more sales without spending hours on end with tedious tasks like crosslisting. 

Try Crosslister for FREE and watch your Etsy sales grow!