How to get more followers on depop (EASILY)

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Getting followers on depop has never been easier! There are organic and automated tactics like depop bots that will get you the results you are looking for.

Get more followers on depop by Engaging with People!

A lot of the key ways to get more followers on depop really revolves around engagement, we wrote a bit about engagement here . The low down on that article is that engagement is key to getting more depop followers and a lot more sales on depop. Engagement can be done manually or by using a depop automation tool to speed up the process

Follow Other Users on Depop

This is a no-brainer! If you are starting out from ZERO followers or if you only have little followers then you need to follow people. This is the first way to gain engagement on depop as many people will investigate their notifications when you follow them and have a quick look at your depop shop ! A percentage of those people will follow you back quickly. As we also mentioned in the previous article above that it is specifically useful to target people who have liked things similar to what you’ve posted!

The easiest way to find relevant users on depop to follow is to go to the followers list of a user that sells similar items to you and follow users on that page. Using your competitions ‘followers’ list is the simplest trick to getting more followers because the users you will be following are already pre-targeted. You know that there is a good chance they will like what you are selling!

Like other user’s posts on Depop

You can like other people’s posts on depop to increase your level of engagement on the platform. Specifically on depop you should aim to like products of people that have similar styles to what you offer so that you increase the chance of getting a follow back. Liking is a good growth strategy, ways to get this done is just head to your depop app and like away, or use a depop bot (like Depop bot – SellerAider) which can help you get this done faster by liking all products on a person’s page in one go! :O so there’s no need to keep clicking on several products on the same page.

If a user has 5000 listings you don’t necessarily have to go through all of them, the magic in this trick is to like enough items where you show up in their notifications more than once. This helps you stand out from the crowd on depop and increases your chances of getting a follow back.

Give people compliments on depop

Every now and then on depop, you will encounter someone that has a great sense of style (maybe even one that is similar to yours or your shop’s). If you’d love to have them as a follower do not keep these positive thoughts in your head. Send them messages or leave a comment.

Send people messages on depop

When browsing other profiles, don’t be afraid to just message people. However, do not lead them on to believing you are buying something if you aren’t, as many sellers get their hopes up when they see messages. Make your compliments on depop incredibly direct. Here’s an example of a quick and direct message:

“Hey I just want you to know that I really like the theme of your depop shop. We have very similar styles and I think you did a great job!”

Leave people sincere comments

Another form of engaging via compliments is to directly leave comments on products you like. If you see something on depop that you like, just leave a comment that compliments the item. Many people appreciate it a lot and will likely follow you back.

Of course don’t say it if you don’t mean it! Before you go through the effort of leaving a comment ask yourself if you would do this if there was only a 0.1% chance of a follow back.

Post interesting products on depop & the followers will come

Believe it or not sometimes one of the best ways to get more followers on depop is to post good products. Like any other social site and shopping site, most people will follow people that have the best content. Unless you are a celebrity that people on depop will follow no matter what type of stuff you post you NEED to post good content. People are willing to follow people who “bless their feed” with nice aesthetic photos and items. Content is KING, and on depop your content is more often than not your products.

Best Part of aiming for attractive content is that the kind of followers gained are already into your ITEMS. Even if they don’t buy now they may buy when you offer a sale!

How to make depop posts attractive

  • Take good photos of your items, it is good if you are able to maintain a general theme and consistency with your photos
  • Use good lighting for your photos
  • Use a good camera
  • Put the items that get the most attention at the very top of your depop shop
  • Pick a nice theme for your depop product photos – examples of nice theme ideas for depop includes :
    • Style your models well even if you are selling one item, add in accessories on the model that makes the actual product look nicer.
    • color organizing your items.
    • Put each item on a similar color background.
    • Use attractive models (as clichรฉ as this sounds, people simply love attractive people wearing clothes because it makes them want to LOOK like that.).

Most people on Depop do not do these things, you will be at an advantage if you do!

Keep your follower to following ratio on depop good!

What exactly do we mean by this ? Most people on depop will only BRIEFLY scan your depop. When some (not all) people see that you follow way to many people on depop compared to your followers it can be a turn off. Depop has a follow limit of 7501 that we have spoken about before, after following people for a while you reach this number. It is useful to unfollow people whose shop you don’t have that much interest in anymore or people who do not engage with your items on depop. One way to do this is by hand or to use a Depop Bot like SellerAider which allows you to mass unfollow people and whitelist some users from being unfollowed so you can keep following the people you like.

Get more followers on depop by telling people what you sell, quickly!

Did you know that your bio on depop can not only get you more sales but actually help you get more depop followers ? The simplest way to optimize your bio is to tell people the type of listings they are going to see if they follow you on depop. For example: if you sell Y2K items on depop, you should directly state that in your bio. You’d think this would be a common thing but many people miss out on this critical task: telling people what type of items you sell. This way you attract people that are naturally interested in those kind of items.

If you followed our advice at the top on engagement, a % of depop users will come to your profile. When bio optimization is combined with engaging on depop, that % of users that come to your shop have a quick way to tell if they are interested.

Simply just tell people to follow you on depop

Another way to increase followers on depop is to simply tell people to follow you. Now, we don’t mean spamming messages. What we mean by this is that you should have clear call to actions in different places.

  • Add a message in your description that states “Follow for more <insert your niche here>” (Example: “Follow for more Y2K fashion”)
  • Send a message to past buyers that lets them know that they can follow you to stay updated (Example: ” Thanks for ordering, feel free to follow so you can be updated on new items and offers we have!”)

Consider starting an social page or Youtube Channel

Many of the top sellers on any marketplace have learned to utilize social media.

Why would depop be any different? Think of the stars of depop like internet girl! they don’t just rely on depop to build their following do they?

To succeed and grow your following you need to do things that most people won’t do. Going out of your way to create an Instagram/TikTok/youtube channel that you regularly post on is something that most sellers simply will not do. Why? because they don’t care enough and it seems like too much work.

The keyword here is regular: you need to commit in order to see results!

You can post your depop listings to Instagram automatically with our crosslisting app here

This is one way that you can use automation in order to increase your consistency on social media. The future version of you will be thanking yourself for making this decision to invest in your socials and growing your brand beyond depop.

Find a depop seller community that does support threads/posts

Depop sellers have lots of options for online communities. At the very top of the list is the depop Reddit community with over 40k subscribers made up of depop buyers and sellers.

Here is the link to the depop subreddit:

While blatant self-promotion is not allowed, the community does occassionally have threads that allow you to share your depop shop. This can be a great way to get more followers on depop.

Automate the repetitive tasks with a Depop Bot (like Depop Bot – SellerAider)

You can automate getting followers easily by using a depop bot like selleraider. It is a chrome extension intended to help you make more sales and save time on depop ! It can automate the process of following users as well as following all users followers + follow their following ! as well as do many more things like refresh your listings, send messages to your followers, unfollow your following and much more. Try it out for 100% free, no card needed!

We hope this article helped you out!

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