You need to know about the Depop Follow Limit of 7501

depop follow limit

Followers are an important form on social proof on the depop website as well as a way to gain engagement on depop. It is understandable why many sellers follow so many people but soon enough you are hit with the depop follow limit of 7501!

The depop follow limit has some of our depop sellers using SellerAider shocked. Many are surprised to find out that the Depop follow limit is set at 7501. Yes you heard that right, currently you can only follow 7501 people on depop then that’s it ! :O

In this article you will learn about the reasoning behind the depop follow limit and an easy way to unfollow people on depop quickly! (Literally in one click!)

Why does depop have a 7501 follow limit ?

So far there is no real understanding as to why this exact number was implemented by Depop. As far as why does Depop would have a follow limit at all, the answer typically lies with spammers (excessive follow for follow activity). Other social sites like twitter have implemented a follow limit as well for similar reasons. Depop Spammers degrade the quality of the site. It is hard to interact with the content of people up to a certain point. If you were following a million people on depop would you really care about each of their shops really ? you cannot keep up with so many people.

There is an argument to be made that following many people makes it hard to build meaningful relationships with and target LOTS of people at once.

What do I do when I reach the depop follow limit ?

Unfortunately you have to start unfollowing people on depop, yes you have to UNFOLLOW 7501 people on depop by hand.

You can however automate this with depop bots

Your face at the thought of unfollowing 7501 people by hand:

depop follow limit reaction

Depop Bot – SellerAider to the rescue!

Follow bot depop

Frankly any serious depop seller does not have time to unfollow people by hand. The secret sauce for top depop sellers is to use a depop bot. You can unfollow many users in ONE CLICK by using a Depop Bot by SellerAider. You can try out our depop bot for FREE !

auto unfollow on depop

If you’ve never heard of depop bots, we wrote about them in this article or if you are reading this on medium and would like to stay, you can learn more about depop bots here.

Wishing you lots of sales !

SellerAider Team <3