How does refreshing items work on Depop ?

increase sales on depop

So you want to know what refreshing items on depop is all about. Refreshing items on depop gets your item put back to the very top of the search for whatever your keywords are! You refresh your items on depop by clicking “edit” and then just save without changing anything. It seems weird that such a useful depop feature is unknown to many. Depop doesn’t exactly make it obvious that this feature exists within their apps. Although, they mention it in official commmunication channels

The result of refreshing items on depop

The result of refreshing your listings is that it increases your visibility! BUT IT GETS BETTER!

If you do it at the right time you get a viewer that has what we & our experienced sellers like to call a “high purchase intent”. This means that the person your product is in front of, is at that moment searching to probably buy an item! An item like exactly what you are selling ! As opposed to randomly window shopping on Depop.

This is a powerful feature that depop and a few other selling sites have. It is easily one of the most useful features for driving sales to your shop, not follows not likes but REFRESHING ! (or bumping)

If you are looking for an effective way to unlock the power of refreshing items on depop. You can do this easily using our chrome extension ! ๐Ÿ™‚ You can try it for free!

The primary goal of a Depop Bot: Grow by SellerAider is to save you time and make you money!

That being said, refreshing items is just one of the many tools that our power sellers on Depop use to make lots of sales. We wrote an article on how to increase your sales on depop, turns out refreshing is one very welcome piece of the took kit and so is our depop bot chrome extension.