How often should I refresh my items on Depop ?

refreshing items

Depop sellers seem to constantly refresh their items a lot. If you don’t know about refreshing items we wrote an article here about it. TLDR: Refreshing your items on depop will help get them back to the top of search. It is a crazy good feature on depop. In fact, everyone says it is THE way to sell a lot on depop!

However, very little people talk about how often you should refresh your items.

So how often should I refresh my items ?

The general consensus is at least ONCE a day. You should be refreshing ALL your items on depop at least once a day. This is because without it your listing will for SURE drop in search.

However, there is one thing you need to know about it. QUALITY is better than QUANTITY. Don’t just refresh each of your listings 20 times a day, refresh whenever your potential buyers are awake and looking! even refreshing just once at the best time will be much better than refreshing constantly

“But wouldn’t other people do that tooooooo ?” You are seriously overestimating how relentless (like you) other depop sellers are honestly. The fact that you are even reading an article like this probably puts you in the top percentage of any kind of seller at all. The kind that bothers to learn how they can improve their process and sell more.

The downsides to refreshing items on depop

There is a downside to relying on refreshing items on depop. One is that you never really know just how long this feature will remain. The fact that the feature isn’t obvious makes it seem like a very low priority bug in Depop, that too many people rely on to bother fixing (although this case is unlikely).

The second and most important downside of refreshing your items is that refreshing listings LITERALLY takes forever. You likely have more than one item in your store and you have to refresh all of them within an ideal time frame.

The worst part is that you likely have other things to do as well! (Your job, Study, Parenting etc), so it is easy to forget and get inconsistent with refreshing items on depop.

A solution to this downside: Grow (for depop) by SellerAider

Grow is bot chrome extension you can try for completely free (NO card needed). This tool helps you refresh your listings in one click ! yes that’s right one click. You can just sit back, relax and go do something else that gets you even more money. If you are completely new to the concepts of depop bots you can learn more here