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Best extension for all Depop users. This product allows you to refresh listings, follow users, and like products automatically with a click of the button! There is an auto-refresh that refreshes your listings every 20 minutes to ensure exposure. My shop went from ranking #1880 to ranked in the top #500 depop users within a month of using! This extension has made me thousands of dollars, and you absolutely will not regret purchasing this product!
Skylen B
I just started using this last week but it has already saved me so much time. It's super affordable and has 24/7 chat support (I haven't had any issues with it but its always nice to know it's available). I don't know how i survived without it honestly, it's already saved me hours which I've been able to put back into my shop by listing new items. I'm so glad I found this.
Alexis M
Couldn't be happier ! I've gained thousands of followers within a few weeks and made a good amount of sales, not something that would be possible without this. Affordable & great customer service too when I was just starting out 🙂 Recommended to everyone I know who has depop! You won't be disappointed. x
Sophie B