Must-have tools for depop sellers in 2022 !

tools for depop sellers automation

Selling on depop is hard work!

Here are some tools for depop sellers that can make the process of selling a lot easier (automation, listing & more!).

tools for depop sellers

The tools that are mentioned in this post are related to helping you:

Listing & Sourcing Tools for Depop Sellers

One of the most important parts of being a depop seller: 

Your Listing. 

Higher quality depop listings simply get more sales, this makes sense because seeing one of your listings is the first way most buyers will run into your depop shop. Now, let’s get to the useful tools for depop sellers for listing and what they do.

Keyword Search (Free)

In any online selling platform using the right words in your listing matters a lot. Depop sellers can increase their sales by using keywords and hashtags in your Depop listing that people are actually searching for actively. Even the official depop blog emphasizes this!

So here is the “secret” tool for depop sellers which helps them in finding prime keywords: The search bar in the depop app.

Just start typing in a word related to your niche (for example y2k) and VIOLA!

What are those ? 👀

These words are potential keywords! that will make your listing relevant to what people are likely to search.

This not only helps you list your items far better but it gives you a good idea of items to BUY when you are next sourcing on depop! these items show you what’s popular with buyers in your specific niche.

HOT TIP: You can also do this with google search as well and get more ideas

This tool allows you to remove the background image from your depop item photos easily, so if you model your items without a consistent backdrop, using this tool allows you to take it from the image on the left to the image on the right just by uploading your picture! No more fiddling with scissor tools.

depop bot

You can get as creative as you want with the background on your depop items:

As a depop seller (or frankly any online seller) you NEED to remember that:

consistency is key

Many Depop sellers have very inconsistent themes on their shops and while this works, from a shoppers perspective consistent themes in a depop shop are far more pleasing.

happy shoppers == more sales

Take any large clothing shop outside depop, very often their images will always have similar backgrounds . These are the brands that make the most money, they wouldn’t do this if it didn’t WORK. With you can apply this secret trick of consistency to help you make more sales on depop


Canvasmate is a canva automation tool that’s useful if you have to create multiple variations of an image from a single template. This is great for sellers looking to create bundles and is also very useful to bulk edit your product images on canva.

Photopea (Free)

This tool is a free photo editing website, that functions almost similarly to photoshop (except it is FREE! hello!). It is 100% based in your browser. Unlike remove bg since this is a full photo editing tool you can do a lot more with it to enhance your depop items. You can remove backgrounds with it, Add text, overlay other images on your depop item photos like emojis etc. 

You can even combine and this tool and place your item on a coloured background:

depop seller

A word of caution here for depop sellers though, do not edit your photos in a way that makes your depop item look TOO different from what they actually are. 

If a buyer on depop receives an item that looks too different, it is quite likely that they will leave a bad review or request a refund! Bad!

Photoroom (Freemium)

If you are looking for a tool for depop that helps you edit image, remove backgrounds and even add in custom backgrounds. Look no further! photoroom is like a swiss army knife for your shop images. You can download the application on IOS and Android devices. So if you mainly edit and upload your depop items through your mobile phone this really is a killer app!

It is also free to use, your images will be watermarked but you can buy the app for a reasonable cost to remove that!

VEED (Freemium)

We all know video is the most engaging format of content! Video production can be the difference between making a sale and not making one. This is where veed comes in, you can use this nifty app for free to edit your videos before posting them on depop!

Experte Background remover (Free)

This tool is a completely free tool by Experte, it can also help you remove backgrounds from images in your browser.

Automation Tools for Depop Sellers (Depop Bots & More)

Now let’s get to one of the best tools for depop sellers and the problem it solves. As a depop seller you know that in order to grow your shop you need to do certain things: Refresh Items, Follow Users and reach out to previous buyers and people who’ve like your items. 

In fact, you’ve likely spend hours a week doing this already. Time is money. All that time could be spent sourcing more inventory, improving your descriptions, shipping and packaging items.

The solution: find a way to automate these repetitive tasks on depop. Fortunately there are some great automation tools for depop sellers.

Depop Bots

These are one of the best tools for depop sellers. If you find yourself constantly refreshing items, following people and sending messages you can consider using a Depop bot like the tool provided by SellerAider. Depop bots have several features that we have written about previously in our article here. For example SellerAider has so many great tools to help you automate your depop shop 

tools for depop sellers autodpop
  • Auto refresh (You can refresh your items every interval you specify)
  • Refresh Items
  • Follow reviewers on other people’s profiles
  • Follow users followers
  • Message your followers & product likers
  • Integrated fee calculator & MUCH MORE

It has great features, amazing security, support and is incredibly value for money. You will start to understand the value of depop bots when we head into the next section below.

Virtual Assistants

Depop Sellers have another option for automation, you can simply hire someone to do the work for you.

The cheapest virtual assistants you can get are likely on freelancing websites like fiverr. This is a 100% legitimate route you can go.

However, many virtual assistants are PEOPLE who need to make living wages and will costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month.

Investing in a depop bot like SellerAider makes more sense because you:

  • Save Money — bots don’t have living expenses like virtual assistants, so they cost INSANELY LESS than paying a salary or doing it yourself. You can use selleraider for free !
  • Save Time — depop bots like SellerAider can do what you do without easily/more consistently, this saves you time you would have wasted working for free.
  • Make Money — the best part about depop bots like SellerAider is that they will MAKE YOU MONEY! Literally, buying one typically pays off within less than a week of usage. Just making one to two sales per month covers the costs then you are “in the black” (that’s finance speak for profitable) !

You can also provide a human virtual assistant access to your software tools to have them manage it for you. You can get software to: Increase your shop sales, Crosslist and manage mentions of your shop brand.

Crosslisting tools for depop sellers

Crosslisting (or Crossposting as some may say) is a great way to increase your sales overall as an online seller. You can use several available tools to crosslist your products from one platform to another in an instant. A tool that has great crosslisting support for depop sellers is Crosslister, it’s a chrome extension that helps you not only crosslist but create listings that sell quickly.

Analytics tools for depop sellers

Depop Fees & Depop Profit Calculator

Depop takes 10% of the total sales to help run their service, if you have lots of items in order to keep your books sane and project profits you need to calculate these fees.

Most depop sellers we speak to at SellerAider use a calculator for this, you can use any depop calculator you want there are lots of them. Here are some that can help

Chrome Extension calculators

  • Integrated with a depop bot: Some depop bots the tool offered by selleraider include depop fee/profit calculators into the extension
depop fee calculator

Website Based Calculators

  • Final Fees: This is a website that is pretty much very useful for online sellers as they support calculators for multiple selling platforms

Shipping Calculator

OnlineShippingCalculator —  Shipping needs to be factored into your pricing strategy so you don’t end up at a loss. This site allows you to compare shipping rates from different providers. This tool is useful for depop sellers if you are using your own shipping on depop.

Especially if you do international shipping. NOTE: the site will mostly help you just make quick inferences it’s good to check on official sites to finalize your choices!

Packaging & Shipping tools for depop sellers

Let’s talk about tools for depop sellers that can help you with packaging and shipping.

Postal Scale

This is probably an underrated item for many depop sellers. When you ship an item the weight will impact the cost of your shipping, by having your own postal scale you can weight your items and have a more accurate representation of what it will cost you to ship the item to your buyer ! This works great in conjunction with our the shipping cost calculator we mentioned previously!


These are only a few tools that can help you as a depop seller. There are many more tools we can’t wait to add to this post! We’ll keep this post UPDATED with even more useful tools for depop sellers! ❤

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