How to make more sales on vinted

You can make more sales on vinted with some of our top tips for vinted sellers !

Bump your listings on vinted

If you have ever sold on other reselling platforms like poshmark and depop you’d see that newest items are given priority in the feed buyers see. This means that in order to get your items on the top you have to make your post “new” by editing it somehow. This is what is known as “bumping/refreshing” your listings. Vinted is no different here. You can bump listings for a cost or bump your listings on vinted for free (more on this soon)

How to bump your listings on vinted fast !

Unlike many other reselling apps where you have to manually get your listings to the top of search, vinted has a feature that allows you to bump an item back to the top of the feed instantly!. As you can imagine, bumping your listings increases the chances of making more sales on vinted by a whole lot!

But….there’s a catch!

Bumping on vinted is not free ! you have to pay vinted a fee per item bump! Unless you use a method below we’ll talk about soon.

How much do bumps cost on vinted ?

Bumps on vinted cost almost $1/ยฃ1/โ‚ฌ1. As you can imagine this definitely takes a toll especially if you are a new seller trying to make more sales on vinted ! This also affects sellers with a whole lot of listings.

You can end up paying >$200 per month to vinted just to bump your listing! and all this does is improve your odds of making more sales on vinted!

There are no guarantees, so you could end up spending a lot of money for nothing in return.

However, nothing in life is guaranteed other than death and taxes. So you might as well take a shot in increasing your odds with vinted’s bump feature, that increased chance of a sale puts you far ahead of others.

How to bump on vinted for free?

You can relist on vinted by using a bot . Bots on vinted allow you to bump your listings for free in a simple way, they create a completely copy of your listing and reupload them for you. This way your listing is at the top of the feed. You can try a bot here for free.

Increase your engagement on vinted to make more sales!

You have to increase your engagement on vinted if you’d like to make more sales. Vinted is no different from other reselling platforms like poshmark and depop in that there is a strong social element to it. Increasing your engagement on vinted helps increase your sales in a very simple way: by engaging with another user on vinted you send them a notification and they are more likely to check out your shop. This is why increasing engagement is a crucial element in making more vinted sales.

Here are some ways to increase engagement on your vinted shop:

  • Follow the reviewers of vinted shops that sell similar items to yours
  • Follow other vinted users
  • Like people’s posts
  • Send messages to people that have liked your item on vinted
  • Send offers to people that have liked your item on vinted
  • Edit your listing prices to notify likers.

Promote your wardrobe using the spotlight feature

Vinted has another feature that could help you make more sales on their platform. You can use the “wardrobe spotlight” feature on vinted to share your entire closet.

The wardrobe feature is a very useful feature to increase your sales on vinted because just like bumping items, it increases the visibility of your listings. This feature is a paid feature on vinted. Since wardrobe spotlight is an added cost, you need to factor it into your expenses and track the return you get from your spending.

This is the only way you can figure out if the expense is optimal for you. You can make more sales using the wardrobe spotlight feature but make sure you aren’t losing when you run the numbers!

Optimize/Improve your listings on vinted

Most of your sales on vinted will be decided by the quality of your listing. The sooner you appreciate this, the sooner you can start making more sales. You need to carefully evaluate several aspects of your vinted listing in order to boost your sales:

Take awesome photos of your items on vinted

Your photos are usually the first impression a buyer on vinted has of your item and entire shop. It’s what draws them in. You need to take phots that make your items look as good as possible.

  • Take photos in good light: A lot of listings are ruined with poor lighting. Ensure that you are under a strong light source before taking photos of your items
  • Use a decent camera: it doesn’t have to be top of the line but good enough to show the features and colours of your item well
  • Take the important shots: Make sure the important parts of your item is clearly visible. For example if there is some wear and tear, you need to highlight this.

Improve your descriptions on vinted

Keep your descriptions on vinted detailed. Assume you are a potential buyer, what would you appreciate being mentioned in the listing ? Ask yourself this question while you write descriptions for your listing on vinted and you’ll see yourself making more sales.

This has the added benefit of cutting down on the amount of back and forth between you and a potential buyer. Remember to keep your listings objective as well.

Price your items appropriately

You need to price your item correctly in order to make more sales on vinted. Here’s why this is particularly important:

On vinted the buyer takes on the fees and there are no fees passed to the seller. Many resellers list their items for less than they sell on other platforms because they do not have to factor in the amount taken by fees.

Buyers taking on the fee means you are likely to find more buyers looking for a deal, some resellers on vinted are aware of this and will list their lower value items on the platform in order to sell the listing faster.

You can figure out what an appropriate price for your item is by searching for similar items. You can either price in line with those items but if you are looking to sell your item faster you can price your listing slightly lower than the average.

Consider cross-listing your vinted listings to other platforms like depop!

You can boost your sales in general by crosslisting to another platform like depop. Crosslisting is one of the best ways to make more sales as a reseller and eventually go full time with your reselling business!


You can use a free crosslisting tool like Crosslister to copy your products from vinted to depop and vice versa! No need for manual work. Now get to crosslisting! no excuses! Download crosslister here

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