How to Make More Sales on Vinted

Ready to boost your Vinted sales?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the world of reselling, getting more sales on this popular platform can be surprisingly straightforward with the right guidance.

Discover top seller secrets that turn clicks into cash in this comprehensive guide:

  1. Use Automation Tools (BONUS: How to Bump for Free)
  2. Optimize Your Listings
  3. Pick the Best Price
  4. Increase Your Engagement With the Vinted Community
  5. Crosslist to Other Platforms

Use Automation Tools

There are a myriad of tools that can help you sell faster by attracting more buyers:

Bump Your Listings

You are probably wondering, what does bumped mean on vinted?: an Item Bump is a Vinted paid feature that helps users boost the visibility of their listings by pushing them to members’ newsfeed and search results for 3 or 7 consecutive days, or until the item finds a buyer (whichever comes first!).

Bumped items don’t just randomly show up in any search result, but are rather strategically tailored to align with relevant searches- directly targeting buyers who are looking for items like yours.

How much does Item Bump cost?

Bumping your listings on Vinted doesn’t come with a fixed price. Instead, the cost is calculated based on your item’s price and chosen duration. 

NOTE: If you change the item price after bumping your listing, Vinted will automatically update the Item Bump fee to align with the revised amount.

How to bump on vinted for free?

The only way to bump your listings for free is by re-uploading it. You can do this automatically by using a bot for vinted, we’ll talk more about this here.


  • Re-uploaded listings do not transfer over any likes.
  • Make sure to delete the old listing before re-uploading or it will be marked as a duplicate and removed from vinted.

Wardrobe Spotlight

Similar to Item Bump, this is another paid feature on Vinted. 

However, instead of promoting a single listing, it spotlights your entire closet!

Once purchased, the best-matching listings will be featured in other members’ search results and newsfeed. 

Your wardrobe will be in the spotlight for 7 consecutive days.

Think of this feature as Item Bump on steroids!

How much does Wardrobe Spotlight cost?

The fee for using this marketing feature is currently £6.95.

Bot for Vinted

Incorporating automation software into your sales strategy can save you lots of time and money.

A growth bot for Vinted can automatically: 

  • Repost listings 
  • Edit Listings (Bulk edit your listing prices and more!)
  • Follow/Unfollow Users
  • Message Followers
  • Like Listings
  • Offer to Likers & More

Check out our favorite bot for Vinted here.

Optimize Your Listings

A big part of your success rate will be decided by the quality of your listings.

With over 75 million users, standing out from your competitors can be challenging. Think about it, that is millions of other sellers with listings similar to yours!

Well-optimized listings are an effective way to distinguish your closet from others.

Why? Because great pictures, detailed descriptions, and accurate categorization of your items will ensure that your listings appear in relevant searches- naturally increasing visibility to potential buyers.  

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can optimize your listings to boost sales:

Take awesome pictures!

Your photos create the initial impression of your closet for potential buyers.

First impressions are important, so prioritizing high quality pictures is a must!

Vinted currently allows its members to upload up to 20 images per listing- that’s plenty of space to showcase your items from different angles!

Here’s your step-by-step guide to uploading the finest photos for your listings:

  • Take well-lit pictures: Natural light is your best friend when it comes to well-lit photos. Although a ring light can also be used to take clear images, natural light remains the ideal lighting for any picture. Just make sure there are no shadows that might interrupt the visual flow of your images!
  • Take shots of multiple angles: Different angles can help buyers visualize the product better. The first photo should always be a full view of the entire item. The rest should showcase side and back angles, as well as close-up shots of special features, fabric labels, size labels, and authenticity tags. 
  • Be transparent about item defects: Highlighting item defects in your images is a great way to build trust with your potential buyers by managing their expectations. No buyer wants to feel disappointed with their purchase, so transparency is the best way to create a positive selling experience on Vinted.
  • Take pictures of wrinkle-free clothes: Well-maintained clothing is naturally more visually appealing and helps build an image of professionalism for your closet. If you are reselling second hand clothes, make sure you give them a quick wash and iron them for the best results! 

Write detailed descriptions

Studies have shown that 87% of online shoppers consider product descriptions to be crucial when making a buying decision. 

A well-written description should be both concise and comprehensive

This is because most buyers won’t take the time to read it thoroughly, but will rather quickly skim through for any key information like condition, size, and brand. 

In order to to get the most out of your product descriptions, you should always include the following:

  • Item details: Any information you have on your listing should be mentioned in the description. This could be the brand, size, color, and condition.
  • Measurements: If you know the chest, waist, length, and inseam measurements of your listings you should incorporate them into your description.
  • Material and care instructions: This is important for clothing with specific care requirements.
  • Key features and their benefits: Rather than describing how an item looks (you have images for that!), simply list its features and benefits. For example, a silk dress is lightweight fabric that prevents overheating in hot weather.

Categorize your listings correctly 

While it might seem like common sense, it’s surprisingly common for many resellers to overlook this crucial aspect of selling. 

Accurate categorization ensures that your listings appear in the relevant searches, thus targeting the right audience for your items.

So, the next time you list items on Vinted, be sure to give special attention to the section, category, and subcategory your listing falls under.

Pick the Best Price

Offering discounts on off-season items or pricing trendy items competitively is a great way to find the sweet spot between profitability and appeal to buyers:

Offer competitive pricing

Unlike most reselling platforms, Vinted doesn’t charge any selling fees- making the Vinted app completely free for sellers!

Even the shipping costs are paid for by the buyers!

Find out more: Everything You Need to Know About Vinted Fees

However, buyers taking on all the fees means that they will go on Vinted looking for a deal.

You don’t want your wardrobe to appear too cheap or unreasonably expensive, so offering competitive pricing is your best bet at making more money. 

To figure out the best price for your listings, you should:

  • Research competitors with similar items to yours to understand the market value of your listing.
  • Price according to your items’ condition.
  • Factor in the original price and brand, with higher-end products selling for more

Here’s a pricing suggestion by Vinted:

Item Condition Recommended Price
New (with or without tags) 80%-60% of retail price
Very good 60%-40% of retail price
Good/Satisfactory 40%-20% of retail price

Utilize bundle discounts

A bundle on Vinted is a single listing that includes multiple items for a set price.

Countless studies have shown that customers see more value in bundle deals, which is a powerful motivator for their purchase.  

Buyers love a good deal, so providing an incentive for them to buy more is a great way to make more sales on Vinted. 

To offer irresistible bundle discounts, put together multiple items that are often used together or simply complement each other.

Offer seasonal promotions

If you want to attract buyers and start selling more items on Vinted, adapting to seasonal changes with discounts and promotions is critical.

Having a sale with off-season items or pricing trendy items competitively are great ideas to enhance your sales potential. 

Just make sure to do your research and keep up with the ever changing fashion trends. 

Increase Your Engagement With the Vinted Community

Just like any other reselling platform, Vinted has a strong social element to it!

There are different ways to engage with the Vinted community, and each one brings you one step closer to making more sales:

Provide quick responses

Fast responses demonstrate your commitment to being helpful and providing great customer service. 

Satisfied customers are more likely to make a purchase (and keep coming back!), so keeping up with your inbox messages is necessary for making more sales on the app. 

Plus, with millions of other listings similar to yours, a slow response rate means that your potential buyers will simply take their business elsewhere!

Stay active!

An active seller is more likely to be noticed by potential buyers.

Your name should consistently appear around the Vinted community; follow and like other members’ posts!

Extra points if you opt for engaging with reviewers of Vinted shops that sell similar items to yours; chances are they will also be interested in yours!

Send messages to users that engaged with your listings

Rather than passively waiting for more sales to come, proactively message users that have shown interest in your listings– they might be potential buyers after all!

Whether they followed your closet or liked one of your posts, sending them a message is a fantastic opportunity to provide additional details, answer questions, or offer more information on the posted item. 

You can even send a customized offer to really incentivize them to make a sale. 

List items at the perfect time

Instead of posting items randomly, you should adopt a strategy of making new listings regularly, but not all at once. 

Search results and news feeds are often filtered by the most recent posts, so staying consistent with your posts will ensure that your closet remains visible throughout the week.

Taking into account the times people are the most active is also key in targeting the right customers and boosting your Vinted sales. 

For instance, people tend to browse more during the after-work hours, making it the perfect time to list your new inventory.

Finally, posting more on the week following payday can help you sell faster, as people’s bank accounts are ready for new purchases! 

Crosslist to Other Platforms

Crosslisting is one of the best methods to make more sales on Vinted. 

This is simply the act of selling on multiple sites at once, and it is the safest way to guarantee that your bank account remains full!

Not only will you target more potential buyers, but you will also boost your shop’s visibility on a much larger scale than you could achieve if you simply stayed selling on Vinted.

Find out more: How to Sell on Multiple Sites at Once

Crosslisting across multiple marketplaces is easy, but will take a big chunk of your day.

Thankfully, crosslisting software can take care of the entire process for you by automatically crosslisting all your inventory in bulk to any platform of your choice, and automatically delisting sold items to avoid inventory mistakes and negative reviews!

Try Crosslister for FREE here.

Increase Your Sales on Vinted Now!

Mastering the art of selling on Vinted is all about a strategic blend of automation tools, effective pricing, and beautiful listing presentation. 

Here at SellerAider, we create automation software to help Vinted sellers boost their sales potential without compromising their valuable time and effort. 

Try out Crosslister for FREE and start making more sales on Vinted instantly!

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