Vinted Fees: The Ultimate Guide for Buyers & Sellers

Vinted is a popular online marketplace that allows users to buy and sell secondhand clothing and accessories. With over 30 million members in 9 countries, Vinted is one of the biggest secondhand marketplaces in the world.

Vinted does not charge listing fees or monthly subscription fees. So how do vinted fees work? And how much does vinted take? 

 This article will explain everything you need to know about Vinted fees. Specifically, we’ll go over:

How Do Vinted Fees Work?

Vinted is based on the principle that selling should not be complicated or expensive. That is why they have designed their fees to be straightforward.

Although selling products on Vinted is free, however, we can all agree that the platform ought to generate money somehow.

The catch is that customers must pay a small price to purchase items from buyers. Vendors do not see this charge on their end because it goes straight to Vinted, but it’s a very small percentage of each item sold.

Vinted previously billed sellers for each transaction. However, Thomas Plantenga has changed the direction of the platform since he took over the company’s management. Vinted now bills the buyer instead of the vendor. Therefore, selling on Vinted is free.

Vinted is one of a select group of C2C businesses that has upended conventional e-commerce by billing the buyer instead of the seller.

That notwithstanding, Vinted also provides a couple of optional paid promotion services for vendors.

Here are some ways Vinted takes their fees and how much they take.

Vinted Fees for Buyers (Compulsory)

Vinted derives its profit and stays afloat by charging two major fees to customers.

Buyer Protection Fee

The buyer protection fee is charged for customer assistance, as well as the secured payment system provided by Vinted for buyers. It also covers a return policy for deliveries that are later than the date advertised. 

Depending on the product purchased, Vinted UK charges buyers anywhere between 3% to 8% of the item’s actual price in addition to a fixed charge of between £0.3 to £0.8 for buyer protection. 

It is also worthy of note that these fees do not include taxes, shipping costs, or other charges agreed upon between buyer and seller, and it is non-refundable.

When placing an order, you can view the item’s final cost formula on the page displaying the item you are buying, and the item’s entire cost will be shown on the checkout page. 

Depending on where the buyer is located, there can be additional taxes that need to be paid. During checkout, customers may view the calculated price, and once their order is complete, a detailed invoice is displayed.

Shipping Fee

Vinted’s shipping policy is relatively simple. It depends on the product’s characteristics, including size and weight. Vendors offer several delivery alternatives. 

The customer covers the cost of delivery, which varies according to the product size and the courier service used. These choices offer more flexibility and, in some cases, lower delivery prices. Indeed, it is likely to be far less expensive to have a package delivered to a nearby drop-off location or locker than to the buyer’s home.

The vendor must send the item exclusively through the selected method and within five business days of the consumer selecting it. The order is canceled and the customer gets a refund if either of these requirements is not satisfied. Also, if the item arrives broken or is not what the buyer ordered, Vinted lets them return it and get a refund. The buyer must initiate the return process if the item arrives in unsatisfactory condition.

The seller is not obliged to accept the return or replace the item if the buyer requests to return it just because they don’t like it or it’s not their size. However, the buyer and seller can mutually agree to return or exchange the item.

Vinted Fees for Sellers (Optional)

Vinted offers to help sellers boost their sales on the platform via two promotional provisions.

Item Bump Fee

This is a paid service that Vinted provides to vendors. The market visibility of listed items is improved by article bumping. If you purchase an item bump, it will raise your listing once per day for the duration purchased or until the item sells, whichever occurs first.

Vendors can purchase an Item Bump on Vinted as a paid feature for three or seven calendar days. It is a unique automatic feature that can only be used on a particular item and cannot be shared across items or members.

With Item Bump, you can increase the visibility of your products on the newsfeed, in other users’ catalog search results, and to a more specialized audience interested in particular product details such as clothing type, sizes, and particular brands. You can also see how many people have viewed and interacted with your item.

Simply click the boost button next to the product you wish to advertise, and Vinted will charge you the amount you specify in exchange for getting your product in front of more users and displaying your advertisement to customers for the duration you choose.

The Item Bump feature may facilitate the quick and easy sale of your Vinted products because Vinted employs its algorithm to display your advertisement to users who are genuinely interested in purchasing your product when you are promoting it.

Before placing your order for a Bump, you will see the applicable fee after selecting the Bump duration. Be aware that if you alter the item’s pricing after obtaining the bump service, Vinted may modify the item bump fee.

Wardrobe Spotlight Fee

A premium feature called Wardrobe Spotlight advertises a seller’s wardrobe to others who share their taste in fashion. Vinted UK’s exclusive Wardrobe Spotlight feature aids users in increasing the visibility of their products on the market.

For seven days, buyers will see five listings from a seller’s wardrobe in certain areas of their newsfeed. The top three pieces from the seller’s wardrobe are included, and the remaining two items will correspond to the buyer’s newsfeed preferences. These participants will also have access to the remainder of the seller’s product line.

The cost of the Wardrobe Spotlight feature is $6.95. The seller must pay this fee each time they want to use the feature to advertise their listings.

 This additional exposure is quite effective because it targets a specific demographic; in other words, people with similar body types and brand preferences will see it.

Tips on How to Make Profit Selling on Vinted

Vinted is an excellent place to declutter your closet and make money simultaneously. But how do you ensure you’re making a profit? Here are a few tips:

List your vinted inventory on other marketplaces: You can now use our crosslisting app to automatically list your vinted inventory to other marketplaces in a few clicks! No manual copy-paste involved! Our tool supports several marketplaces but if you are unsure of what marketplace to list on read our guide on the best marketplaces to sell on

Post products consistently and often. Consider when you plan to list your items too. Weekends and evenings can be popular periods. Try to stick to such peak times when you think people might explore an app like Vinted more.

Boost your engagement & save time with a vinted automation tool: We’ve written a guide on how to increase sales on vinted and a vinted bot can be a great way to do so while saving tons of time! With our vinted automation tool you can

  • Relist your vinted listings in one click
  • Follow users
  • Edit multiple listings at once
  • Send messages and offers to your likers

and much more!

Provide high-resolution product images. Having clean images is another significant way to sell better on Vinted since great photos increase sales! The pictures of the item must be attractive and clear because this is one of the first things a potential customer will notice. Also, ensure that you can capture the entire thing in one image. Then you can include more up-close pictures alongside.

Give a concise product description. Make sure to use as much detail as possible while crafting your descriptions. This will make it easier for potential customers to understand what they are purchasing. Be as honest as you can without exaggerating a product’s features. Include the size and any other pertinent details about the item.

Jump on the platform’s promotions. Purchasing a promotion places you on the front page and makes you more visible to potential customers. If you’re trying to cut your expenditures and avoid Vinted fees, this may not be necessary. However, the expense of doing this is reasonable, and there may be significant advantages. You can either pay to have your entire profile enhanced as a Wardrobe Spotlight or promote a specific listing in your collection via the Item Bump feature. 

Ship items out quickly. This is a tip that will make you the buyers’ favorite. Always be punctual when sending out products to buyers. This will give you great reviews, which will, in turn, attract other buyers.

By following these tips, you will be sure to make a decent profit on Vinted – and keep your customers happy too.

Final Takeaways

Vinted is a global online market where you can sell used products without paying fees. This naturally raises some questions about Vinted fees. “How does Vinted make money?” “How much do they take?”

Interestingly, Vinted bills the buyer instead of the seller, apart from the optional paid promotions it provides to sellers. Hence selling on Vinted is “free.”

Even better, shipping is also fully covered by the customer, so all you have to worry about is selling, marketing, and packaging your products.