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Bump Your Listings for FREE

Bumping is the key to sales on vinted. You can use our vinted bot to automatically bump your listings without having to pay an additional fee to vinted. Our app does this by automatically creating a new copy of your listing and uploading it on vinted. This means that you are able to get more eyes on your listings by having them at the top of search!

Increase your engagement with automatic: Following, Liking.

Engagement is the key to a successful vinted shop. More engagement means you will get more sales and have more potential buyers trust your profile. Before you’d have to do this all manually. Now you can increase engagement in one click. Our vinted bot has several features to help you automatically boost your engagement

  • Automatically follow and unfollow users
  • Automatically like posts on another users shop 

Connect With Your Audience with Automatic Messaging

If you want to close a sale on vinted you need to communicate with potential customers. Our vinted bot allows you to put your customer communication on autopilot. 

You can message users that have liked specific products or just reach out to your followers when you have a new promotion running.