15 Depop Tips to sell FAST

Depop has gained significant popularity over the past few years meaning there is a huge demand for depop tips to succeed on the platform. The online shopping platform is filled with thousands of buyers and sellers connecting and making transactions. People have been loving it because it is a place where they can locate deals on the most prominent brands they know and love. In addition, many use it to discover new unique items that are the perfect piece for their closet. 

If you’re a Depop seller, the increase in traffic is great news because that equates to a higher chance of making sales! However, increased traffic also means there is that much more competition. So, just like any business, you must implement strategies to help sustain your online business to see consistent, quick sales. 

Keep reading for fifteen Depop tips and tricks to make your shop more popular, beat the competition, and sell your inventory fast.

BONUS: We give you advice on how to automate some of these depop tips!

Keep on Listing and Re-listing!  

Being active by consistently posting new listings is one of the best things you can do as a Depop seller. Posting regularly not only increases the chances that your current customers will keep coming back, but it also helps reach new customers. 

By creating a schedule, your customers will build habits to keep returning to see what’s new. Schedule a fresh drop of items once a week, twice, or even daily! As long as your schedule is consistent, your drop times will be up to you and what your customers respond best to. In addition, the higher the volume of items you post, the more likely new customers will find your shop. 

Restrategize and Re-list 

Relisting is an effective practice in the world of online marketplaces that can help attract more sales. If you are unfamiliar, relisting is when you delete a live listing that is not selling, only to relist it again later. 

You can relist manually or use a depop bot to automatically relist and delist your items.

Utilizing relisting as a sales tactic is excellent for two reasons: First, it is a strategic move as it can help your listing get picked up in the algorithm again and get pushed to new potential buyers. Second, it allows you to analyze the listing to decide if you should change various aspects that will help make the listing more intriguing to a buyer. These factors could include changing the title, pictures, price, etc. In most situations, if the listing isn’t selling, there is usually something that can be altered to make the item more appealing. 

Keep Your Photography on Point

Buying and selling online is a highly visual process, so your listing photos need to be of high quality. Since a potential customer doesn’t know anything about the item, you have to show them through visuals how good it is and why they need it in their closets! High-quality images are essential as they will help catch the consumer’s eye and keep their attention long enough to close the sale. 

Imagine going to your favourite online store and seeing below-par photos of their listing. Dim lighting, bad angles, and low-quality images wouldn’t be too impressive, right? So if you apply this to your Depop shop, you know that the photography of your listings is just as important. 

Having professional-looking photos is critical to quickly increasing sales. A mix of having a high-quality camera, a clean backdrop, and great lighting will do wonders for your sales. In addition, learn how to style your items in a way that best represents them. For instance, you can choose to add flat lays, close-up or model shots to your listing. 

Get Specific! Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essentially used to push items into specific categories. On Depop, using relevant hashtags for each listing will help the algorithm sort your listings. So, when someone searches for your hashtag, your item may pop up in their results. For instance, say you have a green dress you want to sell, make sure to #greendress so when a buyer searches those keywords, they can easily find your item, and you could have a potential sale. 

Overall, hashtagging is a great trick sellers can use to help buyers discover their listings more efficiently. Which, in turn, means more sales.

Use Strategic Pricing

Pricing strategically is what all businesses have to do to keep consistent sales. To price your listing strategically, you need to do a competitive analysis to determine what price your competition sells similar/duplicate items.

Depop makes it simple for buyers to search for similar items so they can quickly look for the best deal. So if you want to sell fast, you have to ensure you are providing the best price on the market. 

Another aspect you should consider when pricing your listing is leaving room for negotiations or promotions (more on this below). By that, we mean that your pricing should give you a good profit even if you lower the price or throw in freebies to incentivize the buyer. 

Automation for this depop tip:

You can manually update your listings on depop but many sellers utilize a depop bot in order to make bulk updates to their listings prices and shipping information. This saves a ton of time!

Discounted Rates & Promotions

Like every other business, you should use discounts as a sale tactic. Offering promotions is a solid business trick that will help attract customers and make more sales. Essentially, you want to give your customers more incentive to buy! 

You can offer promotions on Depop by offering free shipping, as shipping is often a vast sales barrier. Offering to ship for free removes that wall, so they feel more inclined to place an order. 

In addition, another effective sales trick is to offer discounts on bundles. Buying bundles means that the buyer is purchasing multiple items from your shop at once. Therefore, offering a discount on bundles convinces the buyer to buy more! It is also a great way to increase the average order value and move more inventory quickly.  

Finally, you won’t miss out on the buying splurge around the holiday season. During this time, consumer expectations for a deal on their items are high. Therefore, you will have to keep up with the demands, so you don’t lose your sales to your competition. 

Automation for this depop tip:

Using bulk editing features on a depop bot can allows you to run sales a lot faster and take advantage of depop free shipping events.

You can also use them to send messages to your followers and people that have liked your listing to notify them of your new prices and promotions.

Stay In Touch with Buyers

As there is open communication on Depop, you must use the feature to its fullest extent. This means you should follow up with buyers after purchasing from your shop. It will help connect with the buyer and remind them to keep checking your shop for new items. Therefore, staying in touch even after the purchase is a great tactic to increase sales.

Automation for this depop tip:

You can use a depop bot to send messages to your previous buyers in order to

  • Alert them to leave a review
  • Send promotional offers
  • Notify about new item drops

Allow Negotiations/Offers

The great thing about the Depop marketplace is that it allows accessible communication between buyers and sellers. We’ve written a guide on depop offers here. It gives options for buyers to put in an offer for an item that sellers can then accept, reject or counter offer. 

With the marketplace environment that Depop cultivates, you should be expecting to do some negotiation. Many consumers will expect sellers to have some wiggle room on the price. So, you should account for this aspect of Depop pricing beforehand. 

The negotiation aspect of selling on marketplaces is good news for your sales. It can help you quickly sell as it will incentivize the buyer to actually make a purchase if they think they are getting it at a lower price. 

Create Optimized Listings

Depop like many other marketplaces allows you to add more specific attributes to your items. You can fill in information such as the:

  • Colour
  • Fabric Type
  • Style

and much more!

When setting up your listing a crucial depop tip is to fill out various descriptors that play into your listing optimizations. These descriptors are Depop’s way of helping your listing get into the proper categories and get more views. In addition, it is an excellent way to ensure that your buyer knows exactly what your listing entails. Therefore, you must be transparent when filling out your listing’s product description, brand name, size, and condition. 

We highly recommend filling in as many of these as possible because if a buyer knows what they are looking for, they will filter the search for one or more of these attributes. This ensures that you end up on their search feed!

Make sure to be as detailed as you can about the item in your product descriptions. For example, be sure to indicate if there are any flaws or variations and add in the item’s measurements. All of these tricks will optimize your listing and help your buyer make faster buying decisions.

Neat, Clean Page Aesthetic

If you want to sell quickly, your entire storefront must be clean and presentable. This means that your photos should have a neutral background with similar lighting. With the number of sellers on Depop, you can differentiate your shop from others using this tactic. In addition, it shows a level of professionalism that will help buyers have more trust in you. Also, having a clean page makes the products easier to see. Therefore, there is a better chance of making sales. 

With many depop sellers viewing the marketplace as a way to make a quick buck, often times professionalism is thrown out the window. Tiny actions like this make a huge difference in setting you apart from the rest!

Implement a Shop Policy 

Shop policies outline the rules that your Depop business runs on. These policies usually summarize everything that has to do with your return policy, shipping policy, and other critical business aspects.

Having your policies outlined will help your buyers know everything they need before purchasing. In addition, it will increase the speed of their purchase decision because they will have all their questions answered without having to ask.

Respond to Your Customers ASAP!

A great Depop tip to help sell your items faster is to respond quickly to inquiries. If possible, you should respond to buyers’ questions within a few hours. 

Overall, punctual responses are just good business practices. Quick communication will help build trust and start the relationship on a positive foot. When implementing the practice of responding quickly, you will see an increase in sales. Not only will the customer appreciate your attentiveness, but you will better ensure that your catch the buyer’s interest before they decide against purchasing or find a similar item elsewhere. 

Advertise Your Shop

If you want to take your Depop business to the next level and boost sales, try advertising. Like any other company, getting more eyes on your products through marketing is essential to a sustainable business. 

Thankfully, social media is a cost-effective way to start showcasing your items. 

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok have millions of users that will remain untapped if you don’t start creating content around your storefront. To make the best use of social media, you can post your content to build a community and/or pay for ads to target your ideal market. 

Start-Finish Client Care 

A good buying experience means that the customer will be more likely to buy again in the future. So you have to ensure that your buyers have a top-tier experience from start to finish. This includes putting effort into their delivery to make sure it exceeds expectations. You can help ensure a good experience after the buyer purchases the item by shipping the item as quickly as possible. Ideally, you should be sending it on the next business day. 

In addition, adding a handwritten note to personalize the package to the buyer will help increase the overall experience. This will further cultivate the relationship, build trust and hopefully turn them into repeat buyers. On top of that, ensure that your packaging is cohesive to your brand and well-presentable. Again, it is the little touches that matter the most!

Crosslist, Crosslist, Crosslist!

There are multiple significant marketplaces out there other than Depop. For instance, there is Poshmark, eBay, and Mercado, to name a few. If you find that your Depop listings are not selling as fast as you’d hoped, it may be a good idea to spread your listings to other platforms. Listing on multiple marketplace platforms is also known as cross-listing. It is a great strategy to help you sell faster, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Automation for this depop tip:

You can use a crosslisting app to automatically list from depop to other marketplaces in one click!

Many sellers crosslist to boost their sales and become full-time resellers!


As you can see, making sales quickly on Depop is not simple. However, by utilizing these fifteen Depop tips, you have the secret to selling fast and creating a thriving marketplace business. 

All in all, strategies should be in place to optimize your listings and storefront. In addition, you need to cultivate relationships with buyers and set up good business practices. With these tips, you will win business, gain trust and be well on your way to having consistent inventory turnover.