OneShop Review & Alternatives (2022)

Cross Listing applications have become a marketplace sellers’ must-have if they are looking to expand. They take out the tedious work of posting the duplicate listing on multiple platforms and making it automatic. In addition, some software offers features that will help things run smoothly and give you insights to grow your business. OneShop is an example of an all-encompassing cross-listing application. 

OneShop is still considered a new platform; however, the innovative platform seems to be disrupting the market. Many sellers are turning to using crosslisting apps to make listing across multiple marketplaces easier. In addition, the app is said to have the ability to automate many functions across various popular marketplaces. 

However, with so many cross-listing options on the market, you want to make sure you invest in the right one! As every seller’s needs are different, it’s hard to say which cross-listing application is the best out there. 

Weโ€™ve already written an in depth post on the best crosslisting apps here.

Nonetheless, we have gathered the Pros and Cons of using OneShop for your cross-listing duties in our OneShop Review. After reading through the lists, you can make an informed decision.

If oneshop doesn’t fit the bill, we will show you an alternative that may be better suited for your needs at the end of the article


Mobile App

OneShop’s mobile application model is making waves in the cross-liting market. Many cross-listing platforms only offer services that sellers only can utilise on the computer, which is not ideal for some. After all, most sellers will use their phones to take pictures and post the listing of their items. So, having an app-first cross-listing platform is very beneficial for the efficiency of cross-listing. Whether this is useful really depends on you really!, many sellers list via their computers as it is typically much faster, however, you can’t deny that a mobile app is very useful/convenient.

Some other tools include a mobile app (in their roadmap or already available) as well as a browser extension giving you the best of both worlds:

Business Insights 

Having access to your business’s information is very important for strategy creation and decision-making to support growth. OneShop’s app gives users a unified graph of all their sales to see their revenues across all marketplaces in one spot. In addition, it allows you to set monthly goals and provides analytics on how you stack up against your fellow competitors. 

Bulk Listing

Arguably, OneShop’s most outstanding time-saving feature is that it allows sellers to bulk list. All a seller has to do is upload the listing onto OneShop’s application and then choose which marketplace platforms they want to list on. Simple as that!

Inventory Management 

OneShop also provides automatic inventory management features to help make even more responsibilities off a seller’s plate. These inventory management features are relisting and delisting. Relisting means that the app will automatically relist an item if it is not selling. This is a great strategy to get more eyes on your listing. On the other hand, delisting refers to when an item sells on one platform; OneShop will remove it from all other platforms. 

This puts OneShop in line with most other crosslisting applications.


Supports Only Poshmark and Mercari

Although sellers can cross-list onto other marketplaces like Deopop with OneShop, the app was really built around Poshmark and Mercari. You may be thinking, so what does that mean? Well, it’s without a doubt that Poshmark and Mercari are both vast marketplaces. Cross-listing on both platforms will allow sellers to reach more potential customers. 

However, the pitfall here is that cross-listing to other marketplaces besides Poshmark and Mercari is not smooth. The app glitches and does not autofill or transfer the listing information correctly. In the long run, this will take extra time for sellers who want to post on multiple marketplaces other than just Poshmark and Mercari.

These are also very U.S centric sites, so if you are an international seller then you need an alternative, find out the best crosslisting app for non-U.S sellers below.

U.S and Canadian sellers only

Unfortunately, if you live outside of the U.S or Canada, OneShop will not be available. Therefore, you will have to keep searching for the suitable alternative available in your location. One alternative that supports U.K/C.A sellers and much more is SellerAider’s crosslister.


As much of a convenience as OneShop is, it is costly. Especially compared to other platforms on the market that do relatively the same job, it is still considered pricey. There are four plans that range in features that are offered. The four plans and their pricing are: 

  • Getting Started subscription for $45 per month
  • Growing subscription for $55 per month
  • Full-time subscription for $85 per month
  • The unlimited subscription for $120 per month

โ€‹OneShop Alternatives

As you can see after reading OneShop’s pros and cons – it is a solid app! It seems to have many features that can help support your marketplace business and save you time. However, there are some downfalls, including the price and unfortunate glitches. In addition, if you live out of the U.S or Canada, it will not be available to use. 

A robust and very well-rounded cross-listing platform alternative to OneShop is SellerAider. This browser extension is about to make your marketplace growth journey a whole lot easier! If you live in the U.K, you’re in luck because that is where SellerAider is available. 

This extension is easy-to-use, affordable and has all the features needed to take control of your marketplace business. In addition, if you were hoping to have a mobile app version like OneShop offers, SellerAider will be launching its cross-listing app soon. Therefore, you will have access to both a browser extension and an on-the-go app to cross-list in any circumstance. 

In addition, SellerAider fully supports popular marketplaces like Depop, Etsy, Poshmark, Vinted, eBay, Grailed, Shpock & Much More! They do not favour one marketplace over the others like OneShop does with Poshmark and Mercari. As a result, you have total control in choosing the marketplaces you want to sell on. In addition, there are no glitches when it comes to transferring information from one marketplace to the next!

The following are notable features the SellerAider offers: 

  • Highly Affordable and Simple pricing
  • Supports marketplaces UK Sellers
  • Reputable Brand
  • Inventory Management: Delisting and Relisting
  • Automatic delisting from multiple marketplaces (Bulk and individually)

Upcoming features:

  • Powerful analytics to help sellers grow their business 
  • Mobile App
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance

If youโ€™d like to try out our tool for free itโ€™s as simple as installing our chrome extension: here

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