Best Crosslisting Apps You Need (2022 Review)

It’s no secret that online marketplaces are a fantastic outlet to build your online business. Hundreds of thousands of people have used online marketplaces to do exactly that and make full-time incomes and grow successful businesses. 

As more and more people have been moving to become more thrifty, sustainable shoppers, there has been a massive resurgence in online reseller marketplaces. In addition, more people are getting more comfortable with online shopping, especially over the past two years since the pandemic hit. Which has created even more business for online resellers! So now is arguably the best time to really put your energy into your reselling business!

With so many marketplaces options to sell on, you may be wondering if you should be crosslisting your items! If you are already established on one marketplace or totally new to the whole thing, you should definitely be crosslisting! 

When you use various online marketplaces like Etsy, Depop, Poshmark, etc., you have the chance to reach a wider audience. There’s a chance that a buyer only uses one or two applications, so if you’re on multiple platforms, the higher exposure. In addition, you usually get to list items for free (or at a very low cost), so crosslisting is definitely worth your while.

However, you may think, “I don’t have all that time it takes to manage and list on multiple platforms.” This is a valid concern when you have a bulk list of items to post; it will require a lot of effort to create the listing manually. However, the good news for you is that you do not need to!

Many sellers have found the secret to listing on multiple platforms: crosslisting apps. 

By using crosslisting applications software, you can easily list on different platforms, manage orders, increase sales, and save time!

So, if you’re ready to take your marketplace business to the next level, start using a crosslisting app. The following are the best crosslisting apps you will need for your business. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most notable:


SellerAider Features

SellerAider is known for being the only tool you will need for your marketplace business. It offers all the features you need to crosslist and manage your listings.

The software is simple to use and can automatically crosslist your products from one marketplace to another. So, for example, if you already have listings on Poshmark, you can quickly bulk or individually list your items to another platform like Depop. No more time wasted manually copying and pasting your listings across platforms! 

With SellerAider, your brand’s exposure will increase, which will inevitably help grow your business without the labour. In addition, you will get your time back to invest in other, more important activities that will also help grow your business.

A standout feature is that it will automatically relist and delist your items. In other words, when you sell an item on one platform, it will take the item off of other platforms. This will help you not oversell your inventory and keep your customers happy! In addition, if you receive more stock in an item you have listed in the past, you can relist the item for free on marketplaces that usually make you pay a fee!

They also have two new features coming soon and will be highly beneficial for your business. First, they are introducing a product that helps sellers with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You will have access to tools that will optimize your listings across platforms. They will do this to increase your listings’ chances of showing up in potential customers’ searches. 

In addition, they will be providing users with a more straightforward way to manage their inventory. They will track all the items you have listed across the different marketplace, making it easy to keep track of. 

SellerAider Pricing

  • Standard: $9.99 first month offer, then $12/month after. 
  • Pro: $19.99 first month, then $29.99/per month

Is there a free trial offered: YES

SellerAider’s crosslisting app has one of the simplest pricing available. An added bonus is that you get the automation tools for poshmark and depop for free. This can be quite useful for sellers using an existing poshmark or depop bot.

You are given a free trial for 14 days, with no card needed

SellerAider Review

SellerAider is one of the best crosslisting applications, and we recommend it for anyone selling on marketplaces. Here are some reasons why we love the software!

  1. The app is highly affordable 
  2. Download Simple Chrome Extension to get started
  3. They support many popular marketplaces such as Esty, Poshmark, Depop, Vinted & More
  4. It is the only app that has full support for UK Sellers 
  5. SellerAider is known for serving sellers in various marketplaces
  6. Multiple features to help sellers grow their business rather than just listing products alone

List Perfectly

List Perfectly Features

List Perfectly is an excellent application and will be able to help save sellers time by eliminating their crosslisting labour. As mentioned above, posting your listing on multiple sites is insanely tedious for many sellers. You will truly get maximum exposure using this software to crosslist. Therefore, if you value getting your product out to as many platforms as possible, using a crosslisting app is required. Let’s talk about the crosslisting app: List Perfectly

List Perfectly has several standard features that other applications have. As a crucial feature for any app of this kind, they support listing from one marketplace to another. The supported marketplaces include: Poshmark, Shopify, eBay, Tradesy, Grailed, Instagram, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, Marcari and more!

It’s important to note that the availability of some marketplaces though is subject to the plan that you are on.

List Perfectly also allows you to do other things as well:

  • De-list/Relist on marketplaces (If you are on their most expensive plan)
  • Manage your inventory
  • List from several marketplaces at once

List Perfectly Pricing

  • Simple: $29/month 
  • Business: $49/month
  • Pro: $69/month

Is there a free trial offered: NO

List Perfectly Review

List Perfectly is one of the original cross-listing apps out there. It is very reputable, used by many and has a respected history. Picking a crosslisting app based on how old it is though is not a recommended strategy. Marketplaces change and there are new options to consider.

One thing that can stand out with list perfectly is that there is no free trial of the service, they do however have a 5 day money back guarantee. This is not too good if you are looking to try out listing to different marketplaces for the very first time!

The issue is that a few critical features are hidden behind a paywall. Firstly, List Perfectly takes an interesting approach of limiting the amount of information that gets copied over. In the lowest plan $29 per month quite a few pieces of information does not get copied when listing to different marketplaces (E.g Size, Brand etc). The plan that is one step up also has some limitations. You also cannot list to Shopify and instagram without the business plan ($49 per month). Depending on your needs and your budget list perfectly can work for you but we feel as though the other options available provide more flexibility for sellers.

The positive end is that like SellerAider’s pro plan, list perfectly does not limit the amount of listings you can import/track in your inventory. This is great for sellers as you can imagine

A very important thing for U.K sellers: List Perfectly does not support UK sellers, so you’re out of luck if you are located in the UK or in any EU country. In addition, as you can see, it can get quite pricey.  The best crosslisting app for UK sellers so far is SellerAider.


Vendoo Features

When listing on multiple marketplaces, you need to have a system put in place to help you keep everything organized. Without it, you will feel overwhelmed and lose out on time. 

The Vendoo application was created to solve all of your crosslisting problems. With Vendoo, you can list your items on multiple marketplaces, manage your inventory, and access analytics. These tools can be very useful in keeping yourself organized!

The software is designed to centralize your listing on any of the major eCommerce sites in one place. Therefore, you have more control and knowledge of what you’re selling and where. In addition, the software supports crossposting on multiple platforms such as Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, Depop, Etsy, Grailed, Facebook Marketplace, Tradesy, and Kidizen. 

Another feature of Vendoo which it shares with SellerAider & List Perfectly is that it makes delisting and relisting your items across the platforms simple. Once an item sells on one platform, they will remove it from the others.

Vendoo Pricing:

  • Starter Plan for $8.99 per month (25 items)
  • Simple plan for $19.99 per month (125 items)
  • Plus plan for $29.99 per month (250 items) 
  • Pro Plan for $49.99 per month (600 items) 
  • Advance Plan for $99.99 per month (2000 items)
  • Expert plan for $149.99 per month (4000 items) 

Is there a free trial offered: NOT REALLY

Vendoo Review

Vendoo was created to allow sellers to better manage their business across multiple platforms. It is an excellent platform with helpful features that will save you time and grow your business.

A benefit for Vendoo is that they have flexible pricing. In other words, they have several different subscriptions offers so you can find the right one for your business. However, this is also a downfall for smaller AND larger sellers as there are high limitations.

For example, the lowest cost plan is $8.99/month, and you can crosslist 25 items. However, some sellers do not have to list 25 new items every month as they are still a small operation. Therefore, there is no affordable option for newbies or sellers who want only to have a few things to sell. 

The free plan offered by vendoo only supports 5 listings per month, we feel users would rather benefit greatly from a free trial where they are able to test out crosslisting with their full inventory.

In addition, Vendoo does not support UK sellers. Therefore, if you are a UK seller, you won’t be able to use this application. Your needs will be better served with SellerAider


OneShop Features

There are many pain points when it comes to growing a business. For reselling businesses, a big pain point is a time it takes to list an item on multiple marketplaces. OneShop recently entered the market to help sellers cross-listing between Poshmark and Mercari via an app.

They are new to the cross-posting app world; however, they are definitely a contender. With OneShop, you can upload images, draft listings, and cross-post on . The idea of the platform was to move your data into “OneShop” so they have all your business’s listings compiled on one page. They believe that having all your listings in one place will help sellers better manage their inventory.

Just like SellerAider does OneShop provides additional integrated automated functions, for poshmark and mercari. For example you can share your poshmark listings with one shop just like you can with selleraider’s included poshmark bot.

One shop also give sellers access to sales analytics that they can use to gain insights and then grow their business.

Your items will also be delisted across all of the platforms when sold. Overall, OneShop will help save you time and get your marketplace business on track for success. 

OneShop Pricing

OneShop Premium: $45/monthOr $13/week

Is there a free trial offered: YES

It is important to note that you can receive a 14-day trial when you first sign up. After that, you can continue with a paid subscription or cancel. 

OneShop Review: 

OneShop is a great application that will bring many benefits to sellers. It is an all-in-one app that links their supported marketplace, making it simple for sellers to expand their business. However, since the application is so new, it now only supports Poshmark and Mercari. Therefore, you can only cross-list across two platforms. Because of this, we believe that the price is pretty high for what you receive.

Consequently, it may not be cost-effective unless you bulk list hundreds of items a month between the two sites. In addition, you will not receive anywhere near the amount of exposure as other cross-listing companies as they support more platforms. Therefore, OneShop may not be the best application until they expand the number of platforms they support. 

They are also only a mobile app. So, if you would instead do your listing and listing management on your computer, OneShop is probably not a good fit. Not to mention, the app is only available in the US/Canada. So, as of right now, they do not support UK Sellers.