PrimeLister Review & Alternatives (2022)

Crosslisting has become one of the top things a marketplace seller can do to take their online business to the next level. However, cross-listing can be immensely time-consuming. So, many have turned to cross-listing platforms for support.  

There are plenty of cross-listing platforms on the market. However, one that has been rising in popularity is PrimeLister. This technology is a browser extension that sellers can use for seamless integration into their operations to help businesses thrive. After checking it out – the software seems to have some pretty promising features.

However, they have also made big claims about their superb time-saving technologies. As well, it supposedly has features that will help keep sellers organised. Don’t worry about discovering if these claims are valid yourself. Below, we will do all the vetting for you. We will look at every aspect of PrimeLister and see how it stacks up. 

We will cover:


Marketplace Support

As of 2022, PrimeLister supports seven marketplaces: Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook, eBay, Etsy, Grailed, Depop and Instagram. All of these platforms are excellent and have very high traffic. Therefore, they are a great place to cross-list so you can get more eyes on your products. They unfortunately do not have support for U.K platforms but have a strong offering presently. 

Organisation Support

Cross Listing can get messy. After all, listings and making sales on multiple platforms take a lot of coordination and organisation. This is where PrimeLister can come in and help you succeed. This extension is not just a cross-listing platform. They have features that will import your listing into one place and tag and group your inventory. This is in line with other available platforms like:

Re-List & De-list Inventory

PrimeLister will relist and de-list your items for you, which can help you save time and keep organised. In addition, relisting items is a crucial strategy for getting people to buy your items. With PrimeLister, you can create a schedule to relist your items automatically. On the other hand, when you make a sale, PrimeLister will automatically take that listing off all marketplaces. Auto-relist and de-list features are available on both the Basic and Pro plans.


A great thing about PrimeLister is that they provide a 14-day free trial of the Poshmark Automation Tool and their crosslisting. So, you will be able to test out the cross-listing features before investing. Many tools provide a free trial. You can check out our posts on the best crosslisting apps here to see which ones provide a free trial. 


U.S/CA/AUS only sellers

Unfortunately, PrimeLister only supports sellers that are located in the U.S/CA/AU. So, If you are located outside of the U.S/CA/AU, you will need to find an alternative. An amazing (and even better) swap for PrimeLister is SellerAider’s Crosslister. We will go in-depth about this software below!

Potentially Expensive 

Compared to other cross-listing tools, PrimeLister could get expensive. Therefore, they offer two pricing structures which give you a choice to pay your subscription monthly or yearly. The monthly subscription is $24.99/month, and the yearly subscription is $239.99/year.

Fortunately, since there is only one plan, it offers all PrimeLister’s features. However, because the software only gives you the option to buy all the features or nothing, the price is still on the higher end of the market. This isn’t great, as mentioned above, since most of the plan is made up of Poshmark Automation tools. So again, it will be an expensive waste of money if you are not using these tools. 

No Mobile Use

PrimeLister is only a browser extension which means that sellers can only use it on the computer. Therefore, if you want to cross-list on the go and not carry around your laptop, this wouldn’t be the software for you!

PrimeLister Alternatives

There are a lot of positives that come from using this Primelister, including its collection of marketplaces sellers can list on, organisational support, and its ability to re-list and delist automatically. 

However, PrimeLister may be considered expensive (although, we feel automation is worth it regardless of price) they do have free trials for cross-listing and some shop automation that is centred around Poshmark. In addition, it is only available to those in the U.S/CA/AU! These negative attributes may not resonate with what you are looking for in a cross-listing tool, so it’s best to keep your eyes open for a better fit!

The alternative to PrimeLister recommended for sellers inside and outside the U.S is SellerAider. This browser extension filled the gap in the U.K market for cross-listing support. SellerAider is the better version of PrimeLister and a tool that focuses on Cross Listing. However it also offers separate automation tools (poshmark bot, depop bot, vinted bot) that you can bundle at a very low price.

SellerAider is filled with features to help the seller grow their business across multiple platforms. The easy-to-use platform is great to integrate into your business to save time focusing on more important things. An even better aspect is that it is more affordable than PrimeLister, with a $12.99 option for the basic plan or a $29.99 for the pro version. 

This innovative browser extension allows you to cross-list on high-traffic marketplaces such as Depop, Etsy, Poshmark, Vinted, eBay, Grailed, Shpock & Much More! This means you can reach more engaged audiences and get more sales in a flash

The following are notable features the SellerAider offers: 

  • Highly Affordable and Simple pricing
  • Supports marketplaces UK Sellers
  • Reputable Brand
  • Inventory Management: Delisting and Relisting
  • Automatic delisting from multiple marketplaces (Bulk and individually)

Upcoming features

  • Powerful analytics to help sellers grow their business 
  • Mobile App
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance

If you’d like to try out our tool for free it’s as simple as installing our chrome extension: here

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