Mastering How to Sell on Vinted- A Step-By-Step Guide

Picture this: Your closet, once home to your favorite fashion pieces, now a thriving reselling business!

Latest statistics have shown that the apparel resale market is expected to grow by 140 billion dollars from 2023 to 2027.

Whether you are new to reselling or you are simply looking to expand to more marketplaces, now is the perfect time to learn how to sell on Vinted and pave the way for a flourishing business.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of selling on Vinted, offering insights and tips to make your listings stand out.

What is Vinted?

Founded in Lithuania in 2008, Vinted is a popular marketplace for selling new and pre-loved vintage clothing and accessories.

Although these are the most prominent categories on the platform, Vinted also allows you to sell the following:

  • Homeware
  • Children’s toys, furniture, and equipment
  • Entertainment items (video game consoles, board games, vinyls)
  • Pet’s clothing, accessories, and toys

The marketplace is currently home to over 75 million users in 18 countries- making it ideal for those looking for an international audience, without the overwhelming numbers of bigger ecommerce sites such as eBay’s astonishing 138 million active users

Vinted Fees

You will be happy to hear that Vinted does not charge its sellers any fees!

In fact, the platform makes its money from their Buyer Protection- a fee that is paid by buyers when they complete a purchase.

You heard right…selling on Vinted is completely free!

Where is the catch? There is none!

Even postage is paid by the buyers, which means that all you need to do is print off your pre-paid label, stick it on your parcel and ship it off!

Vinted UK offers several postage providers, including Evri, Inpost, Yodel and DPD. 

In the US, the only available option for integrated shipping is USPS. 

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that the platform offers the option to ship with Royal Mail, however the process of generating a label differs. 

Although the buyer will pay for the shipping costs at checkout, the seller has to independently purchase the label upfront and send the parcel according to the instructions.

Don’t worry, once the transaction is complete you will be repaid for the shipping costs!

Just remember to provide the tracking number as proof of postage.

Alternatively, Vinted gives the option of Custom Shipping for items that are too big or heavy to be sent with their integrated shipping options. 

This means that you will be responsible for setting the shipping costs depending on the postage provider of your choice, as well as providing your customers with the tracking number. 

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A Comparison: Vinted vs Depop

Both Depop and Vinted are well-known marketplaces for vintage items, but which is the right one for you? 

Let’s take a look at some of they key differences between the two:


Vinted has a broad international audience, with a strong presence in Europe. With their diverse demographics, this platform is particularly attractive for those looking for affordable vintage fashion and accessories. 

Depop is particularly popular in the United States and the UK. Unlike Vinted, its demographic mainly consists of users under the age of 26, and it mainly targets Gen Z fashion such as Y2K and streetwear.


Vinted is known for its lack of fees for sellers, making it a popular platform for first-time sellers or those who are looking to avoid platform fees altogether.

Depop charges a 10% selling fee and a transaction fee which varies amongst each country. These have to be paid by the seller and deducted from the item price. 

Check out our free Depop Fee Calculator to find out your estimated profits after fees and taxes. 


Vinted offers an integrated shipping system that simplifies the entire process for sellers by providing pre-paid shipping labels. 

Depop offers sellers the option to arrange their own shipping or ship with Evri. While they have more control of the shipping  process, they are required to put more effort and do a lot of research.

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How to Sell on Vinted: A Step-By-Step Guide

Selling on Vinted can be an easy and profitable way to add to your wallet.

Step 1: Set Up Your Vinted Profile

Once you sign up and get verified, it is time to create your profile. 

You can do this by uploading a profile picture that represents your brand. This could be a photo of yourself, your business logo, or something else that you feel reflects your store.

Don’t forget to include a bio in the ‘About You’ section. Here you can add links to your social media accounts and/or website, as well as tell your potential buyers what your shop is about.

Step 2: Create a Listing

This is the section where you get to showcase your inventory.

Vinted allows for up to 20 pictures per listing, giving you plenty of space to upload high-quality images.

A concise title and product description should also be added. Here you can mention the quality of your product and important details the customers should know.

Finally, choose the category that best fits your product, set a competitive price and upload to your shop!

Step 3: Haggle and ship your item!

While some customers may simply accept your price and move forward with the purchase, the majority of the time you will receive offers that you will have to either accept/decline or counteroffer.

Once the final price has been negotiated, you will receive further instructions from Vinted that will inform you on the postage you should use.

Simply pack your item, update your buyers on the status of the order and ask for feedback once the sale is complete!

Step 4: Get Paid!

Vinted holds the funds in your Vinted Wallet until the item has safely reached your buyer and they are happy with its condition.

If everything runs smoothly, Vinted will release the money into your account, and you will be given the choice to withdraw the funds into your bank account. Alternatively, you can use your Vinted Wallet funds to shop around on the app.

While the platform is exceptionally user-friendly, it continues to be a competitive place. Below, you will find a selection of tips to help you stand out from your competitors:

Take clear photos

The visual aspect of your listings is the first thing your potential buyers will see before considering your product. 

In fact, 75% of shoppers look at product images before paying attention to any other elements.

Vinted has a limit of 20 photos per listing, which means that you have plenty of space to showcase your item from different angles. 

However, before you even consider the logistics of picture taking, it is important to give some love to your inventory.

Nobody wants to buy dirty listings, so make sure you wash, iron, or wipe down your product for a clean, polished look.

Rather than laying your clothes on a flat surface, opt for modelling them on a real person or mannequin as this will help buyers visualize it on themselves. 

Alternatively, put them on a hanger in an upright position.

During your photo shoot, use natural, bright lighting or an artificial ring light to accurately present the color of your product. 

Make sure you include a full length shot as your first image, followed by a back shot, side shot, a close-up of any special features and any labels.

TIP: Include photos of any defects to build credibility. After all, you don’t want to end up with annoyed buyers leaving negative reviews about the integrity of your shop.

Write concise product descriptions 

Part of successfully selling on Vinted involves writing great product descriptions. 

A rookie mistake many first-time sellers make is trying to share every possible detail they have on their listing.

Remember, most buyers won’t even read your description. Instead, they will quickly skim through it.

To make the most of this section, your product descriptions should be comprehensive, yet concise. One way to achieve this is by simply mentioning the key features and their benefits.

Don’t forget to mention any imperfections to avoid negative reviews!

BONUS: Incorporate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into your titles and product descriptions. You can do this by using keywords top sellers are including into similar listings, and by being specific.

Instead of ‘Nike Cardigan’, opt for ‘Nike Sportswear Therma-FIT Tech Pack, Size L’.

Use Crosslisting Software

Why just stick to Vinted when you can list your inventory on multiple sites at once?

Crosslisting across different platforms is a common practice used by most top sellers, as it has been proven to increase brand exposure and sales.

It also doesn’t hurt to have more backup options in case Vinted simply doesn’t work out for you.

Crosslisting software can automate the entire process for you by copying all your listings over to other marketplaces with just a few clicks.

Try Crosslister for FREE to save time and earn more!

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Be a social butterfly

Being a proactive seller is key to boosting your engagement on the platform.

By simply following and liking other users’ posts, you are increasing the likelihood of someone noticing you, and in turn browsing through your listings. 

Don’t stop yourself there.

Messaging people is a great way to encourage sales and add a personal touch to your profile. 

For instance, if someone likes your items, you can send them a message offering a discount or simply acknowledging their interest in your product.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags in your product descriptions can boost visibility by increasing relevance. Ideally, you should hashtag the brand, style, color, and size. 

Offer bundle deals

A bundle is a listing that includes multiple items for one set price. 

Incorporating bundle discounts in your shop can encourage buyers to not only choose you, but also purchase multiple items as they save on postage costs.

To turn on this feature, simply go to Settings>Bundle Discounts

Set the right price

Vinted is widely known for its haggling buyers, thus the ‘Make an Offer’ button is super popular.

In order to set a competitive price that actually generates a decent profit margin, price your items higher than you want to leave some space for negotiation.

This will give the impression that the buyers got themselves a deal!

Upload your listings at the right time

The most important rule to selling on any platform is to stay consistent. 

Whether we are talking about making new listings regularly or always providing great customer service, consistency is key.

Buyers often check out multiple listings on your profile when browsing, thus an active seller who frequently posts new items will seem more appealing than someone who hasn’t posted in a year.

However, the timing of your listings also matters, as you should aim to appear at the top of people’s newsfeed. 

Rather than uploading them at random times, aim to carry out this task in the evenings, as this is the time most people are scrolling through their phones after work. 

Similarly, posting more listings towards the end of the month guarantees that your timing matches most people’s paydays; when they are the most likely to spend their money!

What Is the Wardrobe Spotlight Feature?

Also known as Closet Spotlight on Vinted US, this is a paid feature that boosts all of your listings to members that are more likely to be interested in them.

Unlike Vinted’s Bumping tool, which boosts one listing at a time, Wardrobe Spotlight promotes your entire closet. 

Once activated, the best-matching listings will be pushed to individual’s search results and newsfeed.

This feature runs for 7 consecutive days and costs £6.95.

Try Vinted Bot for FREE.

In Conclusion…

Mastering how to sell on Vinted can be a rewarding and profitable journey if you approach it with the right strategy.

From setting up your profile to optimizing your listings, we have shared the most up-to-date insights to become a successful seller.

Seller tools like Vinted Bot can take care of this entire process for you in just a few clicks.

Here at SellerAider, we make automation software that helps our sellers turn their preloved items into cash!

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