How to Get More Followers on Poshmark (Quickly) in 2022


In this article, we’re going to talk about how to get more followers on Poshmark. We’ll also touch on some tips and tricks to keep in mind – both on the Poshmark platform but also off of it while growing your Poshmark following.

Social currency will always be king when it comes to the online world. Likes on Instagram, reviews on freelance platforms and retweets on Twitter. No matter where you look you can’t escape the fact that success when using the internet as your job comes at the hands of other people. And, reselling marketplaces like Poshmark are no exception to that rule. 

On Poshmark, for example, having thousands of followers will undoubtedly put you at an advantage when it comes to potential sales. The more people follow you, the more people will see any time you list a new product for sale. 

The key ways to get more Poshmark followers involve using strategies on the platform and off the platform! You need to get attention! But you have no idea how to do that, right?

So here are some tips that are likely to help you get more Poshmark followers:

Before You do Anything: Decide How you will engage.

Increasing your followers on poshmark involves increasing engagement on the platform. Engagement takes time and effort!

First, you will have to pick your tool. You have several options:

Each method has it’s pros and cons which we go into more detail about in our poshmark automation guide

Use your competition to get more poshmark followers

One of the most powerful tools you’ll find on Poshmark to get more followers is your competition.  It seems completely strange, doesn’t it? This is a concept that requires you to throw away the zero-sum mindset you’ve learned in other aspects of your life as a seller.

You can get more Poshmark followers by sharing other people’s listings! 

Sharing the listings of other sellers on the platform is actually a very common process and benefits both yourself and the person you are sharing. If you do it to other sellers, most people will do it back to you. This helps with exposing your products to even more potential customers that are already following other similar closets. 

This increased exposure lands you in the feeds and notifications of many other users on Poshmark. The end result is that you end up with a lot more followers than you started out with. This is the same way other social platforms work (yes Poshmark is very much a social platform!), you see similar things on Instagram with engagement pods. 

The difference is that on Poshmark these behaviors are very fundamental to the way the website operates!  So go give some love to other sellers and you’ll definitely receive some back!

Use the Poshmark ambassador program

Joining the Poshmark ambassador program is another excellent way to get your name out there, and in turn, help you get more followers on Poshmark. The job of a Posh ambassador is to show newbies the ropes and the lay of the land. They’re the sellers who help create the general atmosphere you see on the marketplace. But, in return, you get a ton of benefits like getting recommended to new poshers, and free access to exclusive programs.

There are certain expectations that come with being part of this Poshmark program. For starters, your closet needs to be active and with high customer service ratings. It’s important you’re an active member of the Posh community, and that you lead by example by following the platform’s terms and conditions.

Here are the qualifications Poshmark looks for in order to accept a seller into the program (Paraphrased from the Poshmark website):

  • You need to have shared at least 5,000 items from other seller’s closets.
  • You also need to have shared your own listings at least 5,000 times.
  • Your closet should feature a minimum of 50 available listings.
  • You should have a minimum of 15 items sold under your belt.
  • Your average rating should be 4.5 stars.
  • Your ship time should not be longer than 3 days on average. 
  • You must have left at least 1 love note to another Poshmark platform member. 

Use Poshmark parties to get more followers

Poshmark parties are virtual events potential buyers can join to find more niche items. Most of the parties are themed and can revolve around a specific style (like Y2K) or brand (like Lululemon). It’s a great way to showcase your listings to people who are actually interested in them, and who will potentially follow your store. 

The great thing about Poshmark parties is that you can either host your own, or co-host with another seller. Co-hosting is a great way to make connections on the platform as you need to reach out to potential partners and strike a conversation about the idea. Be sure to pick sellers in your same niche since their followers already like the style of products you offer.

Although you may just have a few followers on Poshmark, parties allow you to get more followers on Poshmark. This is because all you need is someone with a bit more followers than you to share your listing and then you’ll end up doubling your reach! Now imagine if several other sellers do this as well! 

Even sellers with fewer followers than you sharing your item could have completely different people following them and it will increase your reach even more.

You can inspire sellers to share your listings to the party by using a technique we discussed above, by sharing their listings first! Which often results in them following you back

Use the follow function

As with the early days of Instagram (and let’s face it, nowadays as well), a follow-for-follow will always be a useful option. But, while when you’re starting off it’s not such a bad idea to follow basically everyone you can, when you’re a bit more established it’s more about being strategic. The ultimate goal of having so many followers is to increase your chances of a sale. So, if you’re selling vintage cottage-core clothing you won’t do well following grungy and gothic style accounts. Find your niche and stick to the people within it.

Use your listings and closet

Another way to get more followers on Poshmark is by offering them something they actively want to look at all the time. You can get some Poshmark tips here. To summarize:

Take the time and effort to curate your listings and closet with great products, eye-catching pictures, and helpful descriptions. This of course starts with sourcing items buyers will want to purchase, as well as doing your research in terms of trends and fads. Don’t forget to develop some time fine-tuning your photography skills! 

We’ve all been faced with a confusing or dark picture before when shopping online, which immediately put us off from buying or even following the brand or seller. 

Grow your Poshmark following by making your listings great, not just mediocre! Again, if you have no idea where to start, make sure to our Poshmark tips here.

Use other people’s history

You can get more Poshmark followers by using other Poshmark users’ history to your advantage!

This is a not-so-obvious tip, but here is how you can execute this following growth strategy.

Start by making a list of the most common brands you tend to showcase in your shop. Even the most common styles you tend to carry will do. Then, use the search function to look up other sellers carrying the same (or similar) things. Once you find a few, scroll through to find other Poshers that have shown interest in their listings. People you liked, asked questions, or commented. 

Those are potential followers you already know like your products. Go ahead and follow them – it’s likely you’ll catch their eye, they’ll stuff they like in your store, and will follow you back. This is fair game, everyone is doing it, so don’t miss out on easy followers!

Use new users to your advantage

New additions to the platform have not been overexposed to hundreds and hundreds of sellers and products yet. This means that if you can use that short window of time when they’re brand new to find them and follow them, it’s very likely you’ll earn a follow back from them. Especially if it’s people intending to sell their own items, later on, don’t look at them as negative competition. Poshmark is one of those platforms where helping each other can actually work to your advantage. One person sold an item you also have, they have another buyer who wants it, and so they send them to you. So, be sure to welcome them onto the platform and offer to answer any questions they might have. Good karma will come back to you!

Making use of the opportunities/users available directly on the platform isn’t the only way to get more followers on Poshmark. Utilizing those potential followers that exist outside the platform is a huge, generally untapped way of raising your numbers.  

Use your own social media

If you’ve spent some time outside Poshmark building your social media following (like on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter) be sure to make use of that. Those are potential Poshmark followers that already love you and what you offer, so it makes sense to try and steer them onto the marketplace for them to help boost your follower count. 

How can you do this? By sharing your latest listings onto your profile. Whether it’s a tweet, sharing it on your Instagram stories, or creating a pin from it. Don’t forget your hashtags.

Using social media is not only good to grow your following on Poshmark but it is a great way to increase sales on Poshmark as well.

For example, Pinterest is a well-kept secret that many Etsy sellers use to grow their Etsy shops! If you are trying to get more followers on Poshmark this is an avenue you should explore.

Use Facebook groups

One of the easiest ways to get people who are interested in what you have to offer is by finding out where they hang out online, and then targeting them on their own turf. Facebook groups are an incredibly useful resource for this. And, since they’re groups for virtually anything you can think of, you can get creative with it. For example, if you’re selling streetwear-related clothing don’t just look up streetwear or fashion groups. 

Try searching for K-pop (streetwear is a huge trend within K-pop idols so their fans will buy anything they’re seen wearing) or even celebrity gossip (paparazzi photos of them wearing the type of clothing you sell is great!). Once there you can start commenting, liking, and participating. 

Then, when the conversation allows it, post the links to your listings. This is an important bit, make sure not to spam the communities! Ensure you are always respecting the rules of whatever group/community you join.

Use share groups via social media

Another option is to find Poshmark share and follow groups via social media. You can use specific hashtags (mostly on Instagram) like #Poshmarkfollow and #Poshmarkshare to find profiles hosting these groups. The idea is that once you join the group will follow each other from their platform profiles boosting the following rate for the whole group. 

This is a much more straightforward way to get more followers on Poshmark. That’s because unlike joining general communities that happen to coincide with the theme of your closet, these communities are specifically designed to be promotional so you run a lower chance of breaking the community rules.

Use a virtual assistant

This one is more of a hybrid between on and off-platform tips, but still valid nonetheless. If you have the money to invest in it, hiring a VA (virtual assistant) can play a big role in getting you more followers on Poshmark. 

Your VA will be able to take over the typically manual tasks mentioned in the earlier section of this article like sharing and following relevant users.

However, VA’s are not just good for getting Poshmark followers they’re great for a million other things. A good VA will help you source information for pricing, will take care of responding to customer service inquiries, and will also be a great addition when it comes to taking care of admin-related tasks. Do you hate speaking with UPS or FedEx when it comes to a lost package? Pass that along to them and focus on the parts of your job you’re best at. 


Increasing your followers is a great way to become more successful on poshmark, these tips are bound to help you out. You can read our guide on how to increase sales on poshmark here to get more advice on supercharging your growth.