Poshmark Bulk Listing Actions – Explained

Poshmark bulk listing actions are part of a new update released in 2021 for the poshmark reselling platform. This update introduces many automation feature to poshmark and we explain how this new update works in detail in this article.

What are poshmark bulk listing actions ?

Before you learn more about what poshmark bulk listing actions are you would first need to understand how the “game” of poshmark works in order to know what problem bulk listing actions solve. We call poshmark a game because that’s what it is, a game where the only surefire way to win is to engage. Poshmark is a social reselling site similar to sites like depop.

However, Poshmark is one reselling platform that particularly stands out due several sets of features that are directly correlated to your visibility and sales on the app. The social element is the very fabric of the site rather than just being an afterthought. Unlike other marketplaces, on poshmark, engagement is a lot more than just comments and likes.

All social platforms as you probably know heavily reward constant engagement, you can see this on sites like Instagram and Tik Tok. To make more sales on poshmark you need to engage by carrying out some actions that have been predefined by the platform. The more you engage the better you will do in general.

Social engagement on poshmark comes with several consequences for you as a poshmark seller.

These consequences include:

  • Constantly updating your listings in order to rank.
  • Frequently sharing your listings to parties and followers to increase chances of selling
  • Making multiple offers

To make matters worse, the only poshmark approved / compliant way of doing all this is by doing it all manually!

That’s right. Sharing your listings, Sending Offers and Editing Multiple Products.

One at a time, by hand.

As you can imagine, doing this not only gets quite tiring but ends up being a huge time sink. You are actively losing time that could be spent on other parts of your business or if poshmark isn’t your full time gig then you are actively losing time that could be spent in other aspects of your life.

This is a problem that poshmark sellers have complained about for ages. The introduction of poshmark bulk listing actions is a sign that poshmark has been paying attention and are starting to do something about these complaints.

Poshmark bulk listing actions are an update that is meant to get you back your time by allowing you to seeped up several actions you previously had to do manually. It is now an option to automate your poshmark shop out of the many others we discussed in our poshmark automation guide.

Several clicks/taps per item to perform the social engagement tasks on poshmark have now been cut into roughly one per item.

Here is what you can do with poshmark bulk listing actions:

Poshmark Bulk Listing Actions Update #1 – Bulk Sharing

Why share on poshmark ?

Sharing on poshmark has been the biggest culprit of eating up sellers time. It is usually a multi step process (especially on desktop) and that’s just for one item. However, sharing is still one of the best ways to increase your sales on poshmark because it helps your listings stay at the top of feeds. Understandably, there is a lot of competition to stay at the top. There have been several poshmark bots to speed up the process prior to the bulk listing actions update. However bots are a grey area on the platform because many people use poshmark bots without issues despite poshmark frowning upon their use. With bulk sharing on poshmark users without bots now have some way to manage the huge time commitment needed in order to compete on poshmark manually.

What can you do with bulk sharing edits ?

Poshmark’s bulk sharing allows you to speed up the process of sharing your listings by allowing you to select multiple items then share rather than sharing one by one. With the new update on poshmark you can share your items to parties and your followers.

Poshmark Bulk Lisiting Actions Update #2 – Bulk Price Edits

Why edit prices ?

The price on your poshmark listing is an important part of increasing your chances of selling, so finding the right price can involve making several changes to the price of your items overtime. The most optimal price at the right time will lead to the most sales. If you have been selling on poshmark for a while you should be no stranger to price raises and price drops. Poshmark actively encourages both lowering and raising your price if the situation calls for it.

Raising your price is the key to increasing your margin, because if you aren’t earning more than you bought the item for then you are not making any money at all. This is fine if you are trying to get rid of your old clothes but not if you are trying to run a sustainable reselling business and eventually go full time!


Lowering your price can help move your items faster because who doesn’t love a good deal ? Some people may not make a purchase on your item because it is out of their budget this is an extra way to nudge buyers and make a sale. Even if they can afford it a lower price is just extra incentive!

What can you do with bulk price edits ?

Since poshmark sends a price drop notification you get a lot more eyes on your items. The people who have liked your item are clearly interested in it and the price drop notification could just what they need to buy from you. It also reminds likers about your item so they go back to your listing. This feature can be useful in the event of closet clear outs on poshmark. With bulk listing actions you should be able to do all this for multiple items a lot faster. Which can potentially boost your sales.

Just make sure you use a poshmark fee calculator to figure out what your profits will be when changing your price.

Poshmark Bulk Listing Actions Update #3 – Bulk Offers

Why send offers ?

Sending offers is a good way to reach out to people who are already shown interest in your products by liking them. Poshmark allows you to “hold a private sale” by sending offers to people who have liked your item.

What can you do with bulk offers ?

Bulk offers on poshmark allow you to promote your listing faster as sending offers used to involve you making several clicks on one item. This allows you to quickly take advantage of more events on poshmark such as the make a deal event.

How to use poshmark bulk actions:

Here is how you can use bulk actions on your poshmark listings:

Find the bulk actions menu

Go to your poshmark closet and then find the button to show the bulk actions menu. On both mobile and desktop this icon will look like a wrench. Clicking this should open a menu.

Click the action

In the opened menu you can click the bulk listing action that you’d like to carry out. You can select from any of the options previously discussed.

Select the listings

There should be checkboxes placed on your listings and you will be able to select them. Choose all the listings you’ll want the action to be applied to and you are all set.

Pros & Cons of poshmark bulk listing actions

In order to analyze the usefulness of bulk listing actions let us consider the core problem:

‘Many actions needed to be done to make sales on poshmark take too much time to do manually’.

The good

In all the poshmark community has responded quite favourably to bulk listing actions when it was first announced and slowly rolled out to sellers.

It gives most users some time savings

Poshmark bulk listing actions stays true to its goal of helping sellers on the platform save some more time. As we mentioned previously poshmark bots have become quite popular over the years because of how much time it takes to manage a store on poshmark effectively with all the required engagement for sales to come to you. Yet poshmark banned bots despite not seriously penalizing users for their use. This means that many users use bots but the % that don’t have much of a way to compete and end up wasting many precious hours in order to get much slower results. Now the time has essentially been halved which is a welcome change by many poshers.

Instills some good faith

This update shows that poshmark is willing to make adjustments in order to make sellers experience on the platform a bit more comfortable. Poshmark is a growing marketplace with sellers of all sizes. Larger closets would have an even harder time getting anything done in a poshmark compliant way if these features were not added. This move makes poshmark a lot friendlier to more serious sellers as well as sellers who only run their shops as a part time side hustle.

The bad

However, we all know all that glitters isn’t gold. Poshmark bulk listing actions are new and they are far from perfect but what does “perfect” look like to poshmark and what does “perfect” look like to the average poshmark seller ?

Bulk listing actions: not a silver bullet

The dream of many poshers is to have a set it and forget it system for managing all their poshmark engagement but the reality of the update is a bit different. If you couldn’t tell from the section on how to use bulk listing actions, we’ll help point something out. Bulk listing actions can still take quite some time! because you do have to click the checkbox for each individual item. This becomes an even bigger issue for users with lots of poshmark listings, making 1000 clicks by hand is definitely faster than making 2000 clicks but it’s still 1000 clicks. Bulk listing actions alone simply will not do for sellers with larger workloads despite providing many sellers with an option. It only partly solves the problem and is definitely an appreciated update for smaller closets and newer sellers. Many small and new sellers may not be able to justify the investment of either more time or money in their shop quite yet.

Bulk listing actions will never be a silver bullet

If you have ever used a poshmark bot you are probably used to it taking care of your sharing, following, offers and much more for you in just one click. These are the expectations that many poshers had when they first heard of the introduction of bulk listing actions. It’s always important to manage our expectations here by thinking of the goals of Poshmark as a business. Having all their users operating in a fully automated way is not aligned with the goal of poshmark, that is the goal of being a genuine social selling platform. To be genuine you’d still want users to have some kind of active engagement on the site or else it becomes a land made up of just bots and va’s.

Better ways to save time & increase sales on poshmark

Believe it or not there are still better ways to save time and increase sales on poshmark. Right now our team at SellerAider still believe that some poshmark bots still have the edge if what you are searching for is true automation. If you are looking for a poshmark approved/compliant way to share you can try out our poshmark automation tool that takes advantage of bulk listing actions and makes them even faster here.

However, If you are looking to increase your chances of selling in general you need to consider branching out to other marketplaces as well. Imagine if you could list to multiple platforms at the same time ? This is what our crosslisting app can help you with. We’ve created a tool that enables you to list & manage your listings in a much easier way than ever before. You can try out the crosslisting extension for completely free! Try crosslister now.