How to Sell on ASOS Marketplace- The Complete Guide

ASOS Marketplace is here to make an impact– and no, we are not just referring to their trendy fashion pieces!

This popular platform has been a well-known destination for sellers who are looking to make huge profits from reselling new and pre-loved vintage, or even self-designed fashion and accessories. 

ASOS has been one of the leading clothing resellers in the UK for a while now. In fact, there is no foreseeable end to their success; especially after the company expanded by getting hold of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and HIIT. 

Their dedicated marketplace has also been a big part of their increased revenue, with more and more sellers signing up to become part of the brand’s ethos.

In this article, we will explore how to sell on ASOS Marketplace, as well as why this can be a beneficial next step to your multi-channel strategy. 

1. Is ASOS Marketplace Worth the Hype?

2. How Can I Sell on ASOS Marketplace?

3. How to Become a Successful Seller on ASOS Marketplace

4. What Are the Seller Fees?

5. Is ASOS Marketplace Enough? Crosslisting Can Save You!

6. In Conclusion…

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ASOS Marketplace Worth the Hype?

Before diving into the technicalities of how to sell on ASOS marketplace, it is imperative to first understand what the platform offers to its users.

Each marketplace naturally attracts its own niche of sellers. 

This one in particular is a haven for owners of independent brands and vintage selections who are looking to show off their business to a global audience of young fashion-lovers.

Not only will you be able to gain access to a massive global customer base without the need of your own website – although having one can be a great marketing boost – but you will also be assigned to an account manager that will act as your guide to help you succeed on the platform.

Similarly, the marketplace operates on cruelty-free principles, meaning that fur and endangered animal skin are strictly forbidden from being sold on their site.

For more information, you can check out their Animal Welfare policy here.

For those that share a similar passion for humane treatment towards animals, becoming part of a company that holds values that align with yours can make your seller experience truly powerful.

Finally, any seller will be happy to know that ASOS Marketplace has a zero-tolerance policy towards the sale of counterfeit products. 

Protecting buyers and sellers alike, ASOS’ stance on fraudulent behaviour means that their users can be rest assured that their experience on the platform will be one surrounded by safety.

If a user is caught scamming their buyers, not only will they be banned from the app, but they will even be reported to the authorities. Talk about zero tolerance!

Thus, if you happen to come across a user with suspicious listings, make sure to report their item, or alternatively email

To find out more, check out their Fashion Not Fakes campaign here. 

So, is ASOS Marketplace worth it?

Overall, yes!

The platform holds important values that are strictly enforced, while simultaneously offering plenty of guidance to its users.

How Can I Sell on ASOS Marketplace?

Now that you know that ASOS Marketplace is a platform you should definitely give a try, let’s dive into the steps you need to take in order to become a seller on the platform.

While the process is pretty simple, ASOS Marketplace tends to be picky with the types of people they allow to sell on their site.

However, if you meet all the criteria we are about to explore, you should pass their application process in a breeze!

Step #1 Apply for a Boutique

Also known as a shop, to apply for a boutique you will first need to make an account with ASOS Marketplace by quickly signing up.

You will then be required to fill in an application form, which will ask for basic personal details, product information and social media links. 

Keep in mind, in order for ASOS Marketplace to consider your application, you will need to be selling self-designed pieces or true vintage fashion.

If your product niche does not fall within these categories, your application will not succeed. Thus, it is always important to ensure that your inventory matches with the type of boutiques the marketplace wants.

For this reason, the application form will also ask you to describe your fashion boutique, as well as include four product photos for proof. 

The verification process usually takes three working days.

Step #2 Customize your Boutique

Knowing how to successfully sell on ASOS Marketplace means that you understand the significance of standing out from the crowd of 1000+ other boutiques. 

The platform gives you this option for this very reason, so make sure you take advantage of it!

The more unique your storefront looks, the more memorable you will be to your potential customer base looking for the best fashion and accessory pieces.

ASOS Marketplace allows you to personalize the following areas of your boutique:

  • Storefront image
  • Brand bio
  • Logo
  • Layout of products

These are usually the most visually appealing parts of a storefront, therefore the areas that have the most potential of attracting buyers!

TIP: Incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords into these areas will increase your likelihood of customers finding you through various search engines. 

ASOS Marketplace recommends that you use big brand names and relevant keywords that people are searching for in relation to your products.

For example, the keyword ‘Vintage Nike Trousers Black Parachute Pants’ is going to rank higher than ‘black pants.’

Step #3 Create Your Listings

Before you begin your sales journey on the platform, you will need to list your inventory and activate them for sale. 

The minimum number of listings you can make is five, however there is no maximum limit.

For each listing, the marketplace allows for up to five images; each one adhering to their strict photography guidelines

Writing a concise, yet informative product description is equally important. Remember, most buyers quickly scan lengthy texts, so it is important to get essential information across in a brief manner. 

To do this, you should ensure that searchable keywords and relevant product features are mentioned at the start of the description. 

Finally, set your price and you are done!

Step #4 Set Up Your Payment Method

ASOS Marketplace only allows payments to be managed through PayPal or Stripe

If you choose PayPal as your preferred method, make sure that you create a Business Account- if you don’t already have one. 

The account needs to be fully verified and able to accept GBP.

How to Become a Successful Seller on ASOS Marketplace

While creating your customized boutique on the platform is relatively straight forward, there are a few rules ASOS Marketplace expects its sellers to follow for things to run smoothly:

  • Always provide exceptional customer service!

ASOS Marketplace prides itself on their quick responses and outstanding customer service. 

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this expectation extends itself to all sellers on their marketplace.

According to their Boutique Standards Guide, if a customer sends an enquiry after placing an order, you have one working day to respond- although they encourage an even faster rate of communication if possible!

  • Great packaging and fast delivery are a must!

Orders are expected to be shipped within two working days following payment, with the exception of custom-made and made-to-order orders.

Keep in mind that finding a shipping carrier is up to the seller, thus spending some time doing research on the best one is highly recommended.

The packaging of your orders also matters to both ASOS and the buyers they attract. 

Personalizing your packaging is a fantastic way of creating positive impressions. This can be done through leaving small thank you notes in the parcel, adding logo stickers and more. 

  • Always maintain a feedback rating of 90% and above

Positive reviews are everything on ASOS Marketplace.

Not only will they help you build credibility within the platform, but they are quite literally what is keeping your boutique from being closed down. 

According to the Boutique Standards, a seller’s feedback rating must always be over 90%. Thus, ensuring great customer service, speedy delivery and superior quality products will increase your likelihood of receiving positive feedback.


– Use natural light to take bright clear photos of your product

– Only show one model in each picture

– Prove authenticity for branded items by showing the label, tag, receipt, and other details

– Use a consistent background

– Iron your items for a clean look


– Use mannequins 

– Use black and white photos

– Use too much editing

– Use catwalk shots

  • Take advantage of all marketing opportunities!

While not necessarily a policy, ASOS Marketplace offers on-platform marketing options for your boutique. 

Any seller looking to learn how to sell on ASOS Marketplace is highly encouraged to make use of these opportunities in order to increase their visibility to a potential customer base.

You should:

–  Create a ‘We Love…’ section. Here, you can include favourite products that you want buyers to see when browsing on your storefront.

– Have your products featured on the Homepage and other pages of ASOS Marketplace. You can simply do this by paying to be featured.

– Include your products in the platform’s twice a year site-wide sale. Don’t worry! You will be notified a few days before the sale.

– Offer discount codes to increase purchase inclination.

What Are the Seller Fees?

ASOS Marketplace charges its seller £20/month in order to create a boutique, activate listings and begin selling. This price is standard and therefore does not change with the number of listings or sales you make.

On top of that, an extra 20% commission is charged on each successful sale.

TIP: If you are a NUS Extra cardholder, you are eligible for a 10% discount on all seller rates.

Is ASOS Marketplace Enough? Crosslisting Can Save You!

While this popular platform sets you up for success – considerably more than other widely known reselling apps- seller success can never be guaranteed.

This is why top sellers of all niches have a multi-channel strategy in place; in other words, they sell on multiple sites at once.

This practice is commonly known as crosslisting.

Find out more: How to Sell on Multiple Sites at Once

Using this profitable strategy brings about a myriad of benefits, some including increased brand awareness due to higher visibility, as well as a higher sense of financial security, as you will no longer have to rely on a single site for all your profits.

While crosslisting can be carried out manually from platform to platform, depending on your number of listings, it can be an extremely time-consuming process that needs to constantly be kept up to date.

For instance, if an item sells out on ASOS Marketplace, you will have to manually mark it as sold on every app the same product was listed on.

Not to worry!

Automation software is commonly used by popular resellers, so why not follow in the footsteps of the most successful sellers?

Crosslister is the best crosslisting tool on the market and you can make use of its features at no extra cost.

Not only does it allow you to list multiple items on different sites with just one click, but it automatically delists items when sold out on one marketplace.

Try Crosslister for FREE.

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In Conclusion…

If you were wondering how to sell on ASOS Marketplace, we hope that this complete guide has pushed you to the right direction.

This globally established platform makes it surprisingly easy for vintage and independent brands to succeed by providing a ton of support- and even your own personal account manager!

Not only that, but you get easy access to an already existing customer niche that ASOS Marketplace acquired for you.

However, selling on a single platform always comes with risks. Therefore, you should always make crosslisting a part of your multi-channel strategy.

Here at SellerAider, we make the process of selling on multiple sites at once easy by creating affordable automation software that takes this time-consuming task off your plate!

Make use of our popular crosslisting tool at no extra cost here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is It Worth Selling on ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace is the best platform for independent brands and real vintage fashion. Not only does it set its sellers up for success, but it also offers exceptional support for any query or issue a user may encounter.

Do You Have to Use PayPal on ASOS Marketplace?

Buyers can make a purchase using their debit or credit card. Alternatively, they may use PayPal or Stripe.

How Many Sellers Does ASOS Marketplace Have?

ASOS Marketplace currently hosts over 1000+ boutiques on their platform. These independent brands come from different countries across the world, making the site a global success.

How Ethical is ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Marketplace has a strict Animal Welfare policy that highlights their values on cruelty-free products. Some products that are forbidden on their site include fur and endangered animal skin. For more information, you can check out their Animal Welfare policy here.