The Best car boot sale UK – London, Manchester & More!

Why not practise sustainable shopping by visiting one of the myriad car boot sales the UK has to offer? 

From preloved vintage clothes to great bargains on old furniture and toys, exploring at least one car boot sale is a must for anyone wanting to make new additions to their wardrobe in an ethical way. 

Research has shown that 65% of UK consumers consider the environmental impact of their purchases and a staggering 91% believe that ethics, sustainability, and social work are important factors that influence their brand choices. 

Car boot sales are the ultimate source of recycled items, bringing like-minded sellers and buyers together. Regardless of which side you are on, these markets are ideal for those looking to sell, source or simply take a stroll with local market traders who have the community in mind. 

In this article, we will explore what a car boot sale actually is, as well as some of the best ones across the country that are worth at least one visit:

  1. What Is a Car Boot Sale?
  1. How Much Can You Make at a Car Boot Sale?
  1. Best Car Boot Sales in London

3.1 St. Augustine’s Car Boot Sale

       3.2 Princess May Car Boot Sale

3.3 Chiswick Car Boot Sale

       3.4 Battersea Boot

  1. Best Car Boot Sale in Birmingham

4.1 Eboot Car Boot

  1. Best Car Boot Sale in Manchester

5.1 Bowlee Car Boot Sale and Market

  1. Best Car Boot Sale in Brighton

6.1 Brighton Marina Giant Car Boot Sale

  1. Best Car Boot Sale in Edinburgh

7.1 The Edinburgh Corn Exchange Car Boot Sale

  1. How Car Boot Sales Can Help You Sell on Multiple Sites at Once
  1. In Conclusion…
  1. FAQ

What Is a Car Boot Sale? 

Commonly known as a garage sale or flea market in the US, car boots are a distinct social gathering of market traders selling second-hand goods from the trunk of their cars; known as the boot in Britain, hence the name of the sale!

These unique markets have been taking place in the UK since the 1970s and have been rapidly growing in popularity ever since.

In fact, the cost-of-living crisis has seen a surge in both sellers and buyers who are attending car boots. Some even prefer them to online reselling, as they are arguably an easier way to make larger profits at once. 

These nationally loved second-hand markets typically take place in empty fields or car parks and are best known for offering competitive deals and high value antiques.

Overall, taking advantage of a car boot sale can be a great side-hustle that can bring about great profits if done right. Similarly, it can be a great way to source your inventory by hunting for bargains you can’t beat anywhere else.

And this is all possible in a sustainable fashion! Do we need to keep going?

How Much Can You Make at a Car Boot Sale?

Studies have shown that the average profits for a seller per car boot sale comes to approximately £110. Not bad for a side-hustle!

To make things even more exciting, major car boots such as Birmingham’s Eboot, have seen a 25% increase in both traders and consumers in the past 6 months. 

This is all great news for sellers who are looking to make some serious profit at once, as the rise in popularity indicates the possibility for even more cash!

It is important to note that selling in these markets comes with a fee, which covers your stand/selling space. The price varies depending on the car boot; however they tend to range from £10 to £20 for regular cars. An SUV or a van may increase the fee by a few quid. 

Similarly, buyers may be subject to an entry fee. While some car boot sales offer free visitation, others may incur charges starting from £0.50 to £5. 

To find out more about possible fees, make sure that you check with each individual car boot sale. This information can easily be found online.

Best Car Boot Sales in London

The capital is widely known for its vast sea of popular car boot sales; each with its own unique glamour. 

Whether you are a local or simply visiting London, popping by the following car boots is a must!

  1. St. Augustine’s Car Boot Sale

Established in 1996, this famous car boot sale has been a London favourite for over 26 years

In fact, notable people including model Agyness Deyn, have been caught in the hunt for a bargain at the very same market. 

It is then no wonder that this car boot is well-known amongst Londoners and visitors for attracting wealthy faces; making it the perfect location for selling, sourcing, or walking around while celebrity spotting. 

Another interesting fact about this loved spot is the building in which it takes place. Unlike traditional car boots, St. Augustine’s market takes its name from the primary school in which it is located. 

While the school is open as usual throughout the weekdays, it is used as a venue by the Car Boot Co on the weekends to host the St. Augustine’s Car Boot Sale. 

All in all, this market is a must-visit location if you are looking for preloved vintage clothing, kitchenware, and antiques. 


St. Augustine’s School, Kilburn Park Road, NW6 5SN

Opening Times

Every Saturday from 07:30 to 14:00.

Entry Fees for Buyers

For those arriving before 10:30, the entry price is £5. However, if you arrive after this time, you will only have to pay £1.

Remember! The early bird gets the worm.

Entry Fees for Sellers

For those with cars, the entry fee starts at £18. If you have an SUV or a van, The London Car Boot Co recommends you send an email or give them a call at 07956 312131 to get a price. 

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About?

You will be glad to hear that the famous car boot sale has a café on the premises with several beverages and snacks. This means that taking a break from your weekend foraging is easier than ever! 

  1. Princess May Car Boot Sale

Similar to the St. Augustine Car Boot, Princess May takes place at the car park of a school, and is hosted by London Car Boot Co. 

Popular amongst local hipsters, this car boot sale is the perfect destination for those looking for vintage designer pieces, retro furniture, and chic styles

The great news is that it takes place every Saturday and Sunday of each month, making it ideal for sellers who are looking for a more stable, weekly side-hustle. 

The market is not far from St. Augustine Car Boot, so if you find yourself thinking that one market isn’t enough, you can easily head to the next in a matter of minutes!


Princess May School, Princess May Road, N16 8DF

Opening Times

Every Saturday and Sunday from 07:30 to 14:00.

Entry Fees for Buyers

For those arriving before 09:00, the entry price is £5. However, if you arrive after this time, you will only have to pay £1.

Entry Fees for Sellers

For those with cars, the entry fee starts at £18. If you have an SUV or a van, The London Car Boot Co recommends you send an email or give them a call at 07956 312131 to get a price. 

  1. Chiswick Car Boot Sale

This top-tier car boot sale, located in the West of the capital, takes place on the first Sunday of every month (excluding January) at Chiswick School.

The sale is run by the school’s PTA, which is a registered charity and uses the money raised through the entry fees to improve the education of its students

By visiting the market, you will not just promote sustainable shopping through your choices, but you will also help over 1200 students have access to better educational resources and facilities. 

Isn’t this worth a visit?

To make things even better, this beloved car boot sale is widely known for its vintage clothing selection, as well as plants, books, and toys!


Chiswick School, Staveley Road, W4 3UN

Opening Times

Every first Sunday of the month (excluding January), from 06:00 to 12:30.

Entry Fees for Buyers

The price to enter is £1 per person, however children under 12 and/or individuals with disabilities can attend the car boot for free.

Entry Fees for Sellers

Sellers with cars will be charged £15, although prices can vary depending on where you park your vehicle. You can have a look at their detailed pricing here.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About?

It is important to note that the event is completely open air, thus offering no shelter in the event of a typical British rainy day. It is advised that you come prepared with an umbrella or waterproof coat to avoid any surprises in the midst of your rummaging for great deals.

  1. Battersea Boot

Established in 1999, Battersea Boot is widely known for being one of the most highly organized car boot sales in London. 

Taking place every Sunday of the month, this is a hotspot for high-end items, ranging from designer fashion, vintage jewellery, and valuable collectibles. This can be attributed to the affluent market traders the boot has been welcoming for over 20 years. 

In fact, it has been voted as one of the top car boots for high quality fashion items.

Unlike most traditional car boot sales, Battersea Boot is not just targeted for the early birds. Starting at lunchtime, you can enjoy great deals without compromising your Sunday morning. 


Harris Academy, 401 Battersea Park Road, SW11 5AP

Opening Times

Every Sunday from 13:30 to 17:00 for general buyers. Early birds can access the sale from 12:00.

Entry Fees for Buyers

The prices to enter the sale are as follows:

From 12:00 – £7

From 12:30 – £3

From 13:30 – £1

Entry Fees for Sellers

Seller prices depend on several factors, which is why it is important to always check with the allocated website. For those with a car, the fees generally start from £25, whereas walk-ins cost £10 per person with one large bag. 

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know About?

Battersea Boot is located near the River Thames, making it an ideal spot for taking a pleasant stroll on a Sunday afternoon after your hunt for some real gems!

Best Car Boot Sales in Birmingham

Home to Eboot, the city’s best car boot organizers, Birmingham is filled to the rim with car boot sales that do not disappoint. 

Make sure to visit for the best deals and high-quality pieces. 

  1. Eboot Car Boot

Operating in Birmingham and Warwickshire, Eboot organizes weekly car boot sales across multiple sites in the West Midlands. 

These include: Bassetts Pole, Middleton, Belfry, Lea Marston, Hams Hall, Chelmsley Wood, Castle Bromwich and Coleshill. 

Known for their vast range of pre-loved kitchenware, household items, garden equipment, electronics, and toys, these well hosted markets are a must for anyone wanting to experience a good old British car boot sale!


Varies depending on the site. Make sure to have a look at their website for specific locations and times. 

Opening Times

Running every Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, Eboot car boots usually start at 06:00 and end at 13:00.

Entry Fees for Buyers

Weekday entry prices come to £1, whereas in the weekends and bank holidays you will be required to pay £1.50.

Entry Fees for Sellers

Prices may vary depending on the type of vehicle you are bringing along, however entry fees generally begin at £10.

Best Car Boot Sales in Manchester

Some of the best car boot sales are held in Greater Manchester. 

Whether you are looking for high-end vintage fashion, or collectibles and antiques, visiting one of the top car boots the North of England has to offer is highly recommended to locals and visitors alike. 

  1. Bowlee Car Boot Sale and Market

Hosted by Rochdale Borough council, this is the most popular outdoor car boot sale in the area. 

Due to it being run by the council itself, you will be glad to hear that this is a safe space for all visitors due to the heavy vetting and legal checks that take place before sellers can enter the site. This means that getting ripped off by scammers is not going to be a worry for you at this market!

Market traders often come here in the hopes of decluttering their homes, thus you should expect to find high-quality homeware, second-hand vintage fashion and toys.


Bowlee Community Park, Heywood Old Road, Middleton, Greater Manchester, M24 4SB

Opening Times

The car boot sale tends to take place every Sunday of the month. However, the exact dates can vary at times, thus it is highly suggested you have a look at their published dates here.

Their sales operate from 07:00 to 13:30 for buyers and from 06:00 to 13:30 for sellers.

Entry Fees for Buyers

Great news! Entry for buyers is completely free, while parking your car at their on-site parking space costs £2.50.

Entry Fees for Sellers

Regular cars cost £15, while vans and estate vehicles prices start at £20.

Best Car Boot Sale in Brighton

Beautiful Brighton is known for its seaside location and picturesque landscape, so it should come as no surprise that their car boot sales would make it to the list of the top car boots in the country. 

Hunting for a bargain can be done with a view of the sea, making it the perfect location to enjoy the city’s vibrant culture while shopping for great deals. 

  1. Brighton Marina Giant Car Boot Sale

Operating for over 30 years, Brighton Marina Car Boot is the oldest boot fair in the city

Located in Brighton’s harbour, this market offers unique treasures from a group of diverse sellers that come from all over the world to share their quality items. 

Some of these include valuable antiques, preloved fashion pieces and houseware.


Top Floor Brighton Marina Car Park, Brighton, BN2 5UF

Opening times

The market operates every Sunday from 06:00 to 14:00.

Entry Fees for Buyers

Buyers can browse through the car boot sale for free!

Entry Fees for Sellers

Whether you own a car or a vehicle, the pitch entry for this market is just £12.

Best Car Boot Sale in Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is famous for more than just its castles and hilly landscapes. 

Some of the best car boot sales can be found here, allowing you to channel your inner bargain hunter.

  1. The Edinburgh Corn Exchange Car Boot Sale

Running since 2006, this is the longest running car boot sale Edinburgh has ever seen. 

Guaranteed to be open every weekend, fishing for a bargain is a must for anyone willing to spend their weekend having a rummage!


10 New Market Road, EH14 1RJ

Opening times

The market is open every Saturday and Sunday, excluding Christmas and New Year. 

On Saturdays, the event starts at 07:15 and ends at 12:30, while on Sundays it starts at 07:25 and stops at 12:15.

Entry Fees for Buyers

Access to the event for visitors is completely free!

Entry Fees for Sellers

Car pitches cost £14, while sellers with vans will be subject to a price of £22.

How Car Boot Sales Can Help You Sell on Multiple Sites at Once

A common problem amongst new and experienced resellers is finding places to source their inventory from. 

Car boot sales are a great way to find hidden gems for low prices that you can resell online and make great profits. 

Find out: Here’s How to Become a Clothing Reseller

In this article we have listed the 8 best car boots across the UK, thus finding one that is nearest to you is a great first step to begin your sourcing journey.

Our top picks operate on a regular basis and bring about new sellers each time, making them the perfect destinations for a stable inventory building experience for resellers of all kinds.

You may be wondering:

Why should I sell on multiple sites if I already have an established presence on one platform?

Well, this is the secret top sellers are using to increase their profits, so why shouldn’t you?

Also known as crosslisting, this method of multi-channel e-commerce can increase your brand’s visibility, and thus generate a larger number of sales.

While it can be done manually, it is recommended that you use automation software to take care of the entire process for you in order to save time and avoid mistakes that can negatively affect your customer’s experience in your shop.

Find out: How to Sell on Multiple Sites at Once

SellerAider’s Crosslister is currently the best crosslisting software on the market, and it is completely free for you to try.

Simply install the chrome extension to your browser, create an account, choose the items you would like to crosslist to other marketplaces and watch your sales grow!

It’s all super easy!

Try Crosslister for free here.

In Conclusion…

Car boot sales are one of the most sustainable ways to source your inventory for low prices that are almost too good to be true!

In the era of toxic consumerism and fast fashion, individuals’ shopping habits dictate how the future of consumerism will look like for the younger generations. Opting for recycled items is one way to add to the social cause of sustainability the world urgently needs.

The UK is widely known for its large car boots that can be found in most cities; however in this article, we picked the ones we believe are a must-visit for all resellers who need a stable source for their inventory.

Crosslisting can be the difference between a small-side hustle and large profits that make reselling a full-time income.

Here at SellerAider, we make automation software that allows our customers to generate greater sales while practising sustainability and ethical consumerism.

Try our Crosslister app for free  and become a top reseller in your niche!


What sells well at a car boot sale?

Car boot sales are known for their vintage fashion pieces, homeware, kitchenware, power tools, toys, and second-hand furniture. Thus, opting for any of those quality items will bring about profits for most sellers. 

Where is the biggest car boot sale in the UK?

Birmingham’s Eboot Car Boot is known for hosting one of the largest car boot sales in the UK. With over 7 sites in the West Midlands operating on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, this famous organizer is listed on the top car boot sales across the country. 

Can you make money at a car boot?

Most car boot sellers make £110 per event on average, making this form of trading an incredibly profitable one. 

In fact, statistics have shown that car boots have seen a spike in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic and cost-of-living crisis, therefore profits are bound to increase even further in the near future.