Zipsale Review & Alternatives (2022)


Are you an online reseller looking to increase your revenues every month? One way that many sellers achieve growth is by listing their products across multiple marketplace platforms to bump exposure. However, this does not necessarily mean you have to put in more effort, especially when you invest in cross-selling software like Zipsale!

Zipsale is one of the newest cross-selling platforms but is making a big market splash. However, if you’re in the market to implement a cross-listing platform, you need to know if Zipsale is reliable, efficient, and versatile! Are they really top competition when it comes to the other cross-listing software?

If you read on and learn about Zipsale, you’ll find everything the software offers. We will cover the following: 

  • Pros of Zipsale
  • Cons of Zipsale
  • Zipsale Alternative

Zipsale Review

Let’s take a moment to do a dive deep into Zipsale and see if the software can really help make your business operations as smooth as possible. Zipsale is a cross-selling software that is designed for computer interface compatibility. 

The software seamlessly integrates listings throughout its numerous compatible marketplace platforms. In addition, it has excellent features, including inventory management, draft listing, and bulk listing. Overall, all these features work together to help you save time, stay organized and make more money than ever before!

Now that you have an overview of Zipsale let’s examine its pros and cons to see if the software is worth it!

Zipsale Pros

UK Seller Based Only

One notable benefit of Zipsale is that it supports sellers in the UK. SellerAider and Zipsale are one of the few tools that have proper support for UK sellers. Supporting UK sellers is not seen very often in cross-listing software currently on the market. It is definitely slim picking for UK sellers compared to sellers in the US or Canada, which have various software choices. Therefore, Zipsale providing this service to support UK sellers in their business goals is a massive plus for sellers in the UK region!

Decent Marketplace Support

Zipsales marketplace support is not perfect, as it only is compatible with cross-listing on five marketplaces. However, we still rate its marketplace support as a potential benefit because the software connects to the most popular marketplaces. 

If you want to sell on Vinted, Shopify, Depop, eBay, or Etsy, then Zipsale will make your life easier. The software helps you list your items on the five marketplaces listed, which will help you turn a profit more quickly. If you’re okay with only cross-listing to these 5 marketplaces, then this software may be all you need!

Bulk Importing

Zipsale helps sellers save even more time using the software because of its powerful bulk listing abilities. No matter the package you pick, the software will allow you to quickly post multiple listings to all your marketplaces simultaneously. 

This feature may not seem like the biggest deal, but when you list 100+ new items monthly, the time spent cross-listing will add up. Zipsale eliminates the step of having to individually cross-list multiple listings, which will inevitably save you countless hours. 

Inventory Management

When you’re listing on multiple marketplaces, inventory management can get convoluted. Zipsale makes the inventory management process easy by streamlining the logistics of relisting and delisting items when they sell. So, if you sell an item on Depop, the software will automatically delete that listing on the other marketplaces it is listed on. Therefore, you won’t have an issue of double selling an item!

In addition, when an item is not selling, Zipsale will relist it, introducing it back into the algorithm. The meaning of doing this is in the hopes of getting more eyes on your listing and making the sale!

Zipsale Cons

Uk Seller Based Only

As much as being a UK seller-based only software is a pro for UK sellers, it is a con for sellers anywhere else in the world. Therefore, if you are not based in the UK, you cannot use this software, no matter how much you want to! Therefore, you’ll need to keep searching for an alternative if you are a non-UK seller!

No Mobile App

Unfortunately, Zipsale is just software that can only be installed on your computer. Therefore, there is no mobile app you can use on the go or for quick updates. This is a big down side of the software because of the lack of options and versatility. As of 2022, it does not look like Zipsale has any plans on releasing its services in a mobile application platform. 

Low Marketplace support

As mentioned, Zipsale only supports cross-selling on Vinted, Shopify, Depop, eBay, and Etsy. This means that if you want to expand to more than just five marketplaces, you will not be able to when using Zipsale.

Pricing and Plan Structure

Zipsale pricing is based on the monthly number of new items you want to list. Overall, Zipsale’s pricing is midline compared to other cross-seller applications. However, it is definitely not the most affordable, especially if you are scaling your business and posting more than 1000 items every month. When you get to the top tier plan, you can list up to 3000 new listings every month for £99, which is considerably more expensive than other cross-seller platforms. 

The following are Zipsales plans and first-month pricing: 

  • 30 listing/month – Free
  • 100 listing/month – £5
  • 300 listing/month – £14
  • 500 listing/month – £22
  • 1000 listing/month – £39
  •  3000 listing/month – £99

Zipsale Alternatives 

Now that the pros and cons of Zipsale are highlighted, you can make an informed decision on whether this particular cross-selling software is right for you! However, we don’t blame you if you’re not convinced and still want to look into alternatives. In our opinion, there are better cross-selling platforms out there that deliver more returns from your investment.

SellerAider will be one of the leading cross-selling platforms in 2022. It has every tool you need to save time, make more money and increase overall business strategy. Their mission is to use automation and practical features to give sellers their time back so they can focus on bettering and growing their businesses.

The brand is well established and respected as a top provider in the UK that can serve sellers across several marketplaces. As of right now, you can cross-sell on Depop, Etsy, Poshmark, and other marketplaces available in the UK. 

SellerAider offers two packages, the Standard and the Pro package, that you can choose from depending on your needs. The Standard package is priced at $12.99/month, while the Pro package is priced at $29.99/month. Both of these packages are highly affordable, offer unlimited cross-selling, and provide exceptional features. However, you receive more features and benefits in the pro package, including automatic delisting and an inventory manager. 

The following are notable features the SellerAider offers: 

  • Highly Affordable and Simple pricing
  • Supports marketplaces for UK/Non-US Sellers
  • Reputable Brand
  • Automatic Delisting/Mark as sold
  • Inventory Management
  • Bundle automation tools (Depop bot, Poshmark bot, Vinted bot).

Upcoming features:

  • Powerful analytics to help sellers grow their business 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance

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