Vendoo – An Honest Review (with Alternatives!) in 2022

If you are an online marketplace seller and sell across multiple platforms, you know that posting your listing on numerous sites is insanely tedious. However, it doesn’t need to be! Crosslisting technology is on the market to help sellers save time by eliminating unnecessary labour. This is what Vendoo is all about!

Vendoo is self-proclaimed as the #1 tool for resellers! They definitely had a lot of traction come their way because of their unique pricing model and simple user interface. But let’s dig deep and see if Vendoo is more than just a pretty screen! 

Below we will go over everything you’ll need to know about the cross-listing software, Vendoo. 

Vendoo Pros: 

Application Legacy

Although the application only a few years ago – they have made a name for themselves. The cross-listing software market has not been around for very long. So the time they have existed may seem short to some. However, Vendoo is actually one of the pioneers in the market. Therefore, they have a lot of support and dedicated users who love the application, creating a reputable brand name for themselves. 

Flexible Pricing

As mentioned above, the pricing structure of Vendoo is quite interesting. Most cross-listing applications have a tier of plans, and as the plans get more expensive, the more access users have to helpful features. Vendoo does not subscribe to this structure 100%. They still have tiers of plans available; however, they are mostly based on how many items you are cross-listing per month. 

For instance, the Vendoo Plans are the following:  

  • 5 Items/month, free
  • 25 Items/month, $8.99
  • 125 Items/month, $19.99
  • 250 Items/month, $29.99
  • 600 Items/month, $49.9
  • 2000 Items/month, $99.99
  • 4000 Items/month, $149.99

These plans can appear to be more affordable, as they do not block some essential features from users that only buy the cheapest package.

However, the savings can be cut by the add-ons you may have to purchase. Some add-ons are critical to have an automated experience on Vendoo.

For example, you will need to get an importing add-on for about $5 per month extra to add listings from a marketplaces into your inventory. This is essential because the alternative would be manually creating each of your listings in vendoo’s form, many other tools offer this at no added cost.

This means you do have to carefully calculate what your bill will likely be for the tool.

Easy to Navigate

As mentioned above, Vendoo has gotten a lot of praise for its interface design. The software makes it simple for users to learn how to use the app quickly. In addition, it is incredibly straightforward, so there is no question about what you should be doing and how to do it. Overall, Vendoo makes cross-listing as easy as a walk in the park. 

Platform Support

Vendoo offers its users cross-listing to 10 different marketplaces. The following marketplaces that Vendoo supports are eBay, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Macari, Etsy, Depop, Shopify, Tradsey, Kidizen, and Grailed. 

However each item can only be listed to 3 marketplaces, you can bypass this limitation by including a paid add-on.

Vendoo Cons

Only U.S sellers

One of Vendoos downfall factors is that they are only available in one region. They lose points on this fact as they miss markets in the other areas with a thriving online marketplace presence. So, if you like in places like the UK, Canada or anywhere else, you will be out of luck and will have to find an alternative software! such as SellerAider’s Crosslister

Potential Confusing Pricing

Although we put their pricing structure as a pro, there is also another side to the coin. As Vendoo’s pricing structure is unique, it can also be confusing. For instance, if you do not know how much inventory you will be cross-listing in a given month – it can make it hard to gauge what plan you should be on. This could cause users to buy plans that offer listing space that they don’t even use!

Vendoo Alternatives 

After reviewing the pros and cons of Vendoo, you probably have a pretty good idea of what the application is all about. But, maybe you even felt underwhelmed about what the software had to offer, and you want to keep looking. Or, you may be a seller outside of the US, so the application just isn’t going to work for you. 

However, if you are a UK seller, you don’t need to search any further for an all-encompassing, high-quality cross-listing application. SellerAider is one of the best cross-listing applications on the market and one you need to check out. 

SellerAider is a newer application, but it is shaking up the crosslisting industry. We are developing and bringing many necessary features that sellers need but are not already offered by competitors. All of the features have been created with the user in mind. They all work together so you can save time and grow your business across multiple top platforms. 

Since its inception, SellerAider has become a reputable brand for sellers in the UK, Canada and more. We support popular marketplaces that have been vetted to bring the best results to their sellers. They do this to concentrate on the marketplaces that will get you the most eyes on your products. Do you know what that means? More sale potential!

As of 2022, you can cross-list on high-traffic marketplaces such as Depop, Etsy, Poshmark, Vinted, Ebay, Grailed, Shpock & Much More! 

SellerAider is the only tool you will need for your marketplace business. When you use this software, you will see a boost in business and free up time to invest in other areas!

The following are notable features the SellerAider offers: 

  • Highly Affordable and Simple pricing
  • Supports marketplaces UK Sellers
  • Reputable Brand
  • Inventory Management: Delisting and Relisting
  • Automatic delisting from multiple marketplaces (Bulk and individually)

Upcoming features

  • Powerful analytics to help sellers grow their business 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance

If you’d like to try out our tool for free it’s as simple as installing our chrome extension: here

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