Considering using PrimeLister ? Here's What You NEED to Know.

Not all Poshmark bots are created equal. Selling on Poshmark takes up a lot of time, so you need something that you can truly rely on. So here’s what you should consider: The most customizable bot with full automation combined with Poshmark compliant manual helpers. That’s SellerAider’s Poshmark Bot. The best part is, it’s available for free.

Full & Partial Automation (Poshmark Compliant)

With PrimeLister’s poshmark bot you don’t get the full ability to customize the level of automation you get, which makes it hard to stay poshmark compliant. Here’s why this matters: Poshmark bots are technically not allowed on the platform, customizing only the speed is great of course but why stop there when you can do so much better? It’s important that you not only get to customize your speed but that you also get the option to:

  • Be in the loop when sharing/following.
  • Utilize poshmark compliant bulk listing actions

With our automation tool you can choose to perform actions manually but our team has made it possible to slash the time taken for manual actions.

Don't Pay a Dime!

No seller wants yet another bill showing up on their statement. We are sure you are the same! Everyone says time is money and that’s 100% correct, but it still would be nice to have more flexibility wouldn’t it? Flexibility is so important for all online sellers, it doesn’t matter if you are the best Poshmark seller out there or you are just starting your selling journey. Unlike PrimeLister, we provide different uncapped options for sellers to use our tool completely free! At SellerAider we have a wide range of tools available for your use on our app.

  • Use for free: Some select features are available completely free.
  • Bundle with our existing apps: if you are a user of our crosslisting app you can use our Poshmark bot completely free.
  • Try with no card needed: There’s nothing worse than being charged at the end of a trial you didn’t use. We do not charge at all for trying out our tool.

Sit back. Relax. Watch Your Poshmark Closet Grow.

You deserve to grow on Poshmark without pouring precious moments of your life into mindless repetitive labour. Growing on Poshmark usually involves SEVERAL minutes to hours per day of your manual effort. We know you can do much better than this with SellerAider. By using our carefully crafted automation tool you can finally take a hands-off approach to your Poshmark growth. You’ll be shocked by the amount of free time you have. Put all your free time back into:

  • Your Shop
  • Your Life 

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