How to get more views on Facebook marketplace

Many people scroll on the Facebook marketplace every day, searching for a thrifting treasure. On the other hand, many people use the platform to sell used items to make extra money. Some people go as far as using the Facebook marketplace to start a small business reselling items. 

As so many people use the application, it means that there could be a lot of eyes on your listing. Therefore, more chances of making a sale! However, the same is true about competition. There are plenty of listings constantly being uploaded onto the Marketplace. Therefore, when selling, your listing competes to get pushed to your target buyer’s search.

For this reason, you have to be smart about how you list on the Facebook marketplace. The biggest sellers on FB marketplace use a crosslisting app to automatically list to multiple marketplaces, in order to manage the uncertainty of getting views on facebook marketplace.

After all, you will never make a sale if the right people can’t find your listing. Or if you can’t convince anyone to buy your item. The following are ways you can get more views on the Facebook marketplace:ย 

Upload a clear photo of the item(s).

Facebook marketplace only has a visual medium to sell the items. Therefore, you really have to put effort into photography. You want to ensure you post pictures of your item(s) that will sell and make someone want to buy it. For instance, if you take a picture of a shirt in a poorly-lit room, wrinkled and the angles are off, chances are you will not get many inquiries. On the other hand, you will probably get a better response if you place that shirt in a well-lit room, hung up, wrinkle-free, with shots from multiple angles. 

It is also essential to have high-quality photography because the marketplace algorithm uses computer vision and similarity searches to recommend visually similar products to buyers. For example, say you are selling a sofa. If a customer was previously looking at a sofa listing, your listing would be recommended to them because they are visually similar.

Write an accurate title for the listing

Facebook uses technology and algorithms to sort listings into categories like many other marketplaces. Facebook marketplace uses these algorithms to make the searching process easier for the buyer. In addition, if utilized correctly, it will help the seller make sales. 

There is a better chance of your listing being viewed when you create an accurate, optimized listing title. Writing clear titles is a way for the customer to know exactly what the product is. In addition, you need to write a listing title that sells and is engaging. You compete with other listings, so try your best to get attention by creating eye-catching titles. 

Add a description on the listing

 When selling online, it is best to leave the potential customer without any questions as it will make it more likely that they will buy. This is where a very detailed, accurate description comes into play. The description is your chance to help the customer better understand the item. Make sure you include any measurements, sizes, quality, condition, materials, etc. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and have all the details that you would want to know. The more information you can give about that item, the better. 

In addition, make sure your description is packed full of keywords. Like the title, having keywords will help a customer searching for an item like yours find your listing. For example, if you are selling a golf club, ensure you put in the details of the golf club brand and the type of club as they would be keywords that a customer could search for. 

Include Tags

Listing Tags are designed to help you improve searches on the Marketplace. It is another tool for you to utilize to optimize your listing. As a seller, you can pick tags that your listing relates to when creating your offer. This includes the item’s colour, the category it falls into, and if it is new/used. There is also an option for you to write your own tags that describe the item. So, you should be as detailed as possible when choosing your tags to help the algorithm push your listing out to the right places. The buyer will never see the tags directly; they work behind the scenes to sort the items. 

Price it Right

Ensuring that your price is in line with competitors is one of the best ways to improve your views. For example, suppose a potential buyer sees a listing way over the average price for similar items. In that case, they won’t even bother clicking. 

So, you need to do some pricing research before posting your listing. First, look on the Facebook marketplace for similar posts and see how much they charge. Be aware of the condition and quality and how it matches up to yours. If you cannot find similar products on the Facebook marketplace, head over to eBay. eBay is a good price setter and will probably have similar items for sale; therefore, it’s an excellent place to compare. 

Boost Your Listing

If you think that putting some money into your marketing budget is worth it, you can always boost your listing. Boosting your listing means that you will pay Facebook to create an ad for your listing. This will help to prioritise your listing over your competition. 

With Marketplace Ads, you can decide on your budget and the search placement of your listing. In addition, your ad will appear with other relevant products and services on the Marketplace. Therefore, your listing will be shown to customers interested in finding items like what you’re selling. 

Boosting your listing can really help get you views. However, before you buy paid ads, make sure that it is worth it for the item you are selling. Ensure that your listing is optimised to sell, there is a demand for your product, and your price is right!

Crosslist from Facebook Marketplace to other Marketplaces

If you are trying to increase the views your items get in total you should consider crosslisting!

Many sellers crosslist their items from facebook to different platforms to increase exposure and boost their chances of selling the item. This is the best route to go down if you are trying to get more views.

Fortunately selling an item twice is not something you have to worry about with a crosslisting app!

We recommend using SellerAider to automatically list your inventory to other platforms quickly. You can crosslist your entire inventory in no time by trying out our tool for free.

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