For extra enquiries/help email hey@selleraider dot com

A depop bot is an assistive tool to help run your depop store. Depop Bot  by SellerAider is one of these tools but it operates in your web browser. We wrote a lot about this in our article

Our free trial can be started by just using the extension.

We do not need your card details.

Our tool currently costs 12 dollars /18 dollars (depending on the plan)  a month to use.

However for some new and upcoming sellers our depop bot is completely free, yes, FREE (All features)

We feel this is a steal in terms of the time you save and the money our tool will earn you. Also, consider the time savings! 

Most of our users only have to sell 1 item to cover the cost (HINT: Our users sell A LOT more than one item per month :D)

No human will agree to work for this low pay a month, manually doing this yourself is saying “Hours of my time a month is worth less than a few dollars”. 

Our goal is to help you succeed if you haven’t made a sale since the beginning of the trial we will extend your trial FREE of charge.

Our tool is a third party product. We have NO affiliations with Depop ! and any of their products.

Have a look at our user guide.

To put it simply:

Different features show up depending on what page you are on. 

  • Profile Pages (Either yours or another users)
  • Product page
  • Search Page

You can cancel your plan in the self-service dashboard

  1. Click the icon that looks like a form in the apps white sidebar.
  2. Click the ‘Manage Plan’ button
  3. Cancel in the dashboard

If you cannot access the extension for whatever reason, send an email to hey@selleraider dot com

We understand it is incredibly frustrating to deal with this! 

We provide 24/7 support on our discord server you can find here


You can send an email at hey@selleraider dot com

Please provide details of the problem (If we displayed the exact error please copy that and include it in your message to us)

Of course, we use stripe as a secure payment gateway and allow you to cancel anytime ! Learn about security at stripe here  

Yes! we use access tokens to interact with depop and we never see/have access to your depop password ! Due to this chrome extension depop bots are far more secure than other kinds of depop bots

We have thousands of customers who have never experienced any issues with us !

Don’t take our word for it! Check the reviews  😉

Our bot does not require you to download it on your PC or give us your password. You can use the depop website directly instead of having to manually copy usernames of people you want to follow etc. So the user experience is far better.

Most other depop bots require your password and require you to have a 100% trust in the developer. 

A monthly payment on ours or ANY chrome extension allows developers to keep developing features and supporting you. 

We are the most cost effective depop bot. The price is  nothing in comparison to the thousands of dollars that we can make you & the hours of time we save you. It is priced well below the value it can deliver to your depop shop.

Don’t worry! this is an easy fix.

Contact us (hey@selleraider dot com) and in the message include your depop username.

You can cancel your subscription anytime from the extension if you do not want to be charged the next month (or next year, if on the annual plan).

We only issue refunds if they are requested within 24 hours after a purchase/charge and you have not used the extension within that time. 

We offer our generous free trial for people to test out the extension and see if it is for them. So you get to try before you buy, we even extend trials just for this. So you know what you are buying before you buy it.

NOTE: If you ever feel you were incorrectly charged or double charged we will get you back your money. Send an email to 

You can have 2 accounts under one subscription.