Will Depop Ban My Account For Using A Bot ?

Many depop users ask whether depop will ban their accounts for using bots.

The simplest answer is: This outcome is unlikely unless you are a spammer or a malicious user.

Depop terms are strongly against spam on the users end. Examples of “spammy” behaviours:

  • Using multiple windows to follow multiple people at once!
  • Sending messages to people quickly in succession!
  • Excessive refreshing of your listings with short delays

You do not need a bot to spam, however, it is much easier to spam on depop with a bot if you do not keep this in mind while using one!

The best depop bots you find will not allow you to automate sending spam messages to people and will implement reasonable limits and timeouts. As we have mentioned in our previous post :

The point of a bot is to make a metaphorical “copy of yourself” to automate repetitive tasks on your depop shop, not to be the fastest thing in the world. Bots that prioritize speed over this will eventually get you in trouble.

Always strive to use a depop bot in a way that respects the fact that it is not intended as a spam tool (Stick to one tab in your browser & use a few times a day with rest periods). Be respectful of other users and keep your usage natural, the vast majority of people, yourself included are not spammers and will remain within reasonable use.

Taking all of this into consideration, depop’s terms can change in the future so it helps to keep up with the latest depop information.