The Ultimate Grailed Guide – How to Sell on Grailed FAST

Have you ever wondered about how to sell on Grailed quickly and easily? Getting started with any new selling platform is understandably a challenge, and this may leave you wondering about the ideal solutions for your own selling goals. However, if you’ve recently stumbled across the Grailed platform and need help getting started, or if you’ve been trying to use Grailed but with poor results, today’s guide may help you find the optimal selling solutions for your needs. Don’t leave this to chance; make sure you’re equipped with the right tricks and techniques to help make selling on Grailed that much easier overall.

In this guide we cover

Is Learning How to Sell on Grailed Hard? 

Before we go any further, we should first start by considering: is learning how to sell on Grailed hard? Many people assume that starting selling on a large platform such as Grailed may come with countless challenges and difficulties. However, this is not the case. Selling on Grailed is actually a surprisingly simple process, and there’s definitely a lot to love about the platform. This may explain why a growing number of sellers are choosing Grailed for selling.

Why Choose Grailed for Selling? 

There are countless benefits of selling on Grailed, and considering these may help inform your final decision as to whether or not this is the right platform for you. Some of the key benefits of selling on Grailed include the following:

  • Incredibly simple and easy-to-use platform for buyers and sellers alike
  • A go-to hub for selling men’s wear with millions of users and sellers monthly
  • Also accepts women’s clothing to cater for less gender-defined clothing
  • Allows up to twenty-five photos of your products, making them easier to sell
  • Tagging system makes it easier for potential buyers to find your clothes
  • Full measurements system makes buying on Grailed more convenient (increasing buyer confidence and, thus, translating into a more likely sale)
  • Smart pricing systems allow your product to begin at a higher price and drop automatically over time, making the product appear more appealing to buyers

How Much Does Grailed Charge for Seller’s Fees?

One common feature of selling online is that you’ll often incur selling fees to list your products, so be sure to consider this as part of your pricing. Fortunately, selling fees on Grailed are slightly lower than many other large selling sites such as eBay. 

For example, while eBay charges around 10% commission, Grailed’s selling fees are only 9%, saving you a little money on each sale. There is also a small fee if your buyer is paying with PayPal, which is either 2.9% + $0.30 or 4.4% + $0.30, depending on whether the buyer is a domestic or international buyer.

You can calculate your fees quickly using our grailed fees calculator here

How to Begin Selling on Grailed

If you think Grailed might be the right platform for your needs, then getting started with selling is fortunately very easy. However, it’s important to remember that the amount of time you put into your posts will influence how well you are able to sell on Grailed; if you don’t put in much time, people may be less likely to make a purchase!

Creating an Account

Before you begin trading on Grailed, you can readily search the Grailed listings without having an account. However, before you can begin selling on Grailed, you will first need to create a specific seller’s account. Fortunately, this is a very simple process.

First, simply head to the Grailed website, where you will see in the top right corner the option to Sign Up. This will give you the option to create an account, for which you have four options:

  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Email

It’s worth remembering this page since there is the option to log in at the bottom of the sign up page. As such, once you’ve made an account, you’ll be able to log in easily from this page going forward.

You will need to accept Grailed’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in order to use the site. Make sure to check this before starting to ensure you’re following the Grailed rules at all times. Then, simply fill out your email address and desired password and click “sign up.” You can also subscribe to emails from Grailed on this page.

Completing your Grailed Profile

Once you’ve signed up for a Grailed account, the next step is completing your new profile. This is not necessarily a mandatory step to sell on Grailed, but it is worthwhile to fill out as much as you can to help create a more trustworthy account.

Remember: just because you are a genuine seller doesn’t mean your buyers will automatically know that. Completing your profile and account details can help ensure that you’re more successful with selling on Grailed. 

Creating Your First Listing

Now that your account is live and running on the Grailed site, you can begin listing your items. Non-members cannot post listings, so you won’t be able to access the post listing page until your account is running.

Adding Basic Details

To create a listing, you’ll need to start by filling out the basic details for your product; this includes the product’s name and other basic information. Information such as the model and style, sizing details, condition, brand, coloring, and the like will all be helpful here. Remember: this information is important for more than just the buyer. The Grailed system can use this information to filter your products, so make sure it’s accurate.

Adding a Description

In addition to filling out the basic details, we would strongly recommend you write a description of the item, which can help make it much more appealing to a potential buyer. Remember:  you can’t go too long with the description, so long as all of the most important information is summarized. If a buyer chooses not to read the full description, that’s their choice; however, if you don’t provide a description, you may put them off from trying to product.

Using Tags

We’ve already mentioned that you’ll need to fill out some basic information about the product before the listing goes live. However, using tags is a must to optimize your listing and ensure you get the most exposure possible.

Grailed allows up to ten tags to be applied per listing. These can seem pointless at first, but they help the Grailed software list your product to the most relevant customers – increasing the chances of making a sale accordingly! As such, choosing a suitable, relevant, and popular selection of tags is important.

Don’t just clickbait, though! It’s often tempting to add tags that you know will be popular searches. However, if the tags are not relevant to your product, you won’t likely see better sales – just more traffic to the listing. Therefore, always make the most of your tags to market the product to people who are genuinely interested. You only have ten to work with, so make them count.

Uploading Images

No one likes buying an unknown product. As such, when creating your Grailed listing, try to upload plenty of clear, non-blurry images to show customers what they are buying. While these can be a little time-consuming to take and upload, they’ll pay dividends on your selling efforts.

Plus, Grailed is an amazing site for sellers since it allows you to upload up to 25 photos. Make the most of that – a customer is far more likely to buy an item with ten photos than something comparable with just one photo!

Adding a tagged photo – an image showing the item with your Grailed username and the date written on a sheet of paper – is also a good strategy. This gives buyers confidence that you are the legitimate owner of the item while preventing other unscrupulous individuals from using your photo to scam others.

Choose a Market 

Grailed offers a choice of four different markets. These are Grails (designer/high value), Hype (high-demand items), Sartorial (classics), and Core (mainstream modern products). Choosing the right type of market can allow your item to reach more buyers, increasing the chance of a sale. After all, if a customer was looking for classic Tom Ford products, they would be unlikely to look in the core market, and vice versa!

Set a Price

Now to that all-important step: setting a price. We would recommend doing a little market research here to ensure that you are pricing your items fairly versus the competition; otherwise, you may struggle to achieve a sale.

Remember: the retail price of your item isn’t necessarily what it’s worth now, even if it’s brand new. Some limited edition items may even be more valuable, while most standard products will be slightly less. Consider this carefully to get a fair price for your item.

Choose your Shipping Policy

Finally, all left to do now is choose a shipping policy. In other words, you can choose whether you’d like to ship with Grailed Labels directly or if you’d prefer to arrange to ship with a third-party delivery provider. This comes down to personal preference, although most people opt for third-party solutions for international shipments.

Tips for Improving your Sales on Grailed 

At this point, you’ve made your first listing on Grailed, but you might be struggling to see results. If this is the case for you, the following seven tips could significantly help increase your chances of making a sale on Grailed.

  1. Try to upload plenty of pictures. Pictures can lie. As such, many customers like to see numerous pictures to ensure they’re getting what they expect.
  2. Focus on lighting. Good lighting can make or break a photograph. Always take a photo of your items with good lighting so that there isn’t significant shadowing or glare on the photo.
  3. Always input the item’s measurements accurately. While it can be a bit of a hassle to complete measurement info, you’re 40% more likely to sell your items if you include accurate measurements rather than the size of the item alone.
  4. Keep titles short. Grailed statistics indicate that shorter listings of below seven words perform better as standard than long listings with over ten words.
  5. Don’t pressure people into buying. It’s often tempting to mark a product as “last drop!” or the like. However, if someone’s unsure, this may make them look for another item instead. 
  6. Focus on reputation. Naturally, many people are happier buying from someone with a good reputation and great past experiences. So, try to make the most of each sale with feedback; it can result in much better results accordingly!
  7. Prepare to haggle. When listing an item on Grailed, being prepared to haggle can be highly valuable. With this in mind, starting your product at a slightly higher price may allow you to haggle to a fair price. Make use of Grailed’s smart pricing feature in this regard, as well.
  8. Crosslist. While this doesn’t involve the grailed platform specifically, you can increase your chances of selling by using a crosslisting app that automatically lists your inventory to new marketplaces.

How Long Does it Take to Sell on Grailed? 

We should point out here that knowing how to sell on Grailed is only the first challenge. Indeed, even with the perfect Grailed sales listing, you will still need to be patient since the majority of sales take around twelve days to complete. However, as with everything in life, items that are in hot demand – such as the latest trend – may be much quicker to sell. 

Moreover, if you’re willing to haggle and negotiate on price, you may get sales more quickly than if you have a firm price in mind and refuse to stray from this at all. That’s not to say the latter is necessarily a bad strategy, but it may limit your sales potential – after all, everyone loves a bargain!

There’s no point sitting around waiting for your first grailed sale because you can also sell on other platforms at the exact same time! Remember what we talked about in tip #8 ?

Crosslisting apps are the best way to not only spread your risk but boost sales of your inventory. There are so many marketplaces available for you to sell on, so you might as well take advantage of them by using a crosslisting app. SellerAider’s crosslister is the best tool to automatically:

  • Crosslist to other marketplaces.
  • Delist automatically
  • Manage your inventory and much MORE!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been looking to start selling on Grailed, there’s some good news: this really doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, with traffic increases of around 10% per month , the site is evidently a rapidly growing and popular platform. And while it’s likely that most people won’t ever become one of Grailed’s Top 10 sellers, it’s undeniably true that you can see excellent results for your own sales by choosing Grailed as your number one platform for selling designer and vintage menswear.

Hopefully, today’s guide will have helped you find out a little more about selling and trading on Grailed. But, if you have any further questions about how to sell on Grailed, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for further support; we’re here to help!